Name Change Thread

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You arrived here because you supported Evo and bought some items in November or December of 2011. This does not entitle people who bought things in the past to free name changes. Sorry!

Now list your the username you would like, and if its available you will see your name automatically changed!

Thanks for your support!


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    Hint, if you post in this thread without making a order, you will get a 3 day ban.
  • GummoGummo Can We Mod It? Yes, We Can! Joined: Posts: 4,065Registered
    I'd like to have mine changed to Gummo

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  • RockyRocky Discovery Joined: Posts: 99Registered
    Transaction ID: 1TV10106XF462154B

    Rocky, please.

    EDIT: I bought the "2010 White Shirt" for $15+5 for shipping, but the coupon code didn't go through. Does this deal count shipping? I was able to use the coupon code when I messed around with the cart and made the total without shipping $20+. If that's the case, I'd like to change my order.
  • GuiltyGearX104GuiltyGearX104 Just Bring It... Joined: Posts: 1,050Registered
    JaYsTeR please, if that is taken JaYsTeR104

    P.S Actually I made another account with JaYsTeR because I couldn't change my Name at the time. How can I deactivate the account and use that Name with this one? I brought an Evo bag long time ago does that count?
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  • shortman1243shortman1243 Joined: Posts: 256Registered

    Would be nice for me. xD
  • KirrusKirrus Joined: Posts: 94Registered
    Please change my name to "Hungry Gamer"

    The Hungry Gamer
  • FusuluFusulu lurking Joined: Posts: 67Registered
    I would like to have mine change to "Yuber"
  • somebody2978somebody2978 殺意の波動に目覚めたリュウ Joined: Posts: 195Registered
  • M.D.M.D. digs older chicks Joined: Posts: 3,985Registered
    I'd like to be changed to Maximus D.
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  • RedJesusRedJesus Frisbie Joined: Posts: 203Registered
    I would like my name changed to Frisbie .

    The name Frisbie is taken, but it is taken by me! If possible please change!!
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  • Drizzle BubbleDrizzle Bubble FADC TAUNT Joined: Posts: 492Registered
    troll thread :rolleyes:
  • ThirtyHitCheapzThirtyHitCheapz GetHungryTrainHarder Joined: Posts: 256Registered
    If possible, please change to Woolie.

    Purchased my Evo bag, and was TO for the Evo 2011 TS event in Montreal Canada. :)

    Transaction ID: 83729603X31241130
  • oodkoodk Joined: Posts: 20Registered
    I would like to change my name to NOAi or Ai
  • JgBeastJgBeast Can you beat this? Joined: Posts: 41Registered
    TEK Genbu
    TEK Genbu.

    TEK Byakko
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  • Jubei KibagamiJubei Kibagami Too much naughty... Joined: Posts: 1,203Registered
    I would like to change my name to Wachenroder
  • TeyahTeyah Return of the Dragon Joined: Posts: 896Registered
    Purchased the 2010 shirts - thanks for allowing shipping to Canada.

    Please change my name to Teyah

    Transaction ID: 8S0349925N650311D

    Email is the same one I use for SRK.
    I see in frames IRL
  • Based God Doromac the Master ChefBased God Doromac the Master Chef Executive Chair Attendant ┐('~`;)┌ Joined: Posts: 327Registered
    even though I don't really care about a name change, I'm going to take advantage of this

    Based God Doromac the Master Chef

    I bought two evo shirts btw

    emailed used: danny_weddle@yahoo.com

    transaction ID: 8X7086338F776443Y
  • CPS IVCPS IV Capsule Entertainment CEO/owner Joined: Posts: 1,023Registered, Moderators
    Joey, please change my SRK name to my real handle Capsule.
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  • Bad Lt.Bad Lt. Joined: Posts: 887Registered
    Has A
    Me: 1
    Conrad Birmingham: 0
  • LiQuiDSwOrdZLiQuiDSwOrdZ iFkd up Joined: Posts: 1,219Registered
    please change mine to "Dru Breezy"
  • martij9martij9 Joined: Posts: 243Registered
    change my user name to
  • mp3burnmp3burn Joined: Posts: 371Registered
    change mine to NFORCER and yes all caps.
  • GalzGalz Joined: Posts: 864Registered
    Change me to


    Thanks =]
  • hakdizzlehakdizzle FingerCramp.com Joined: Posts: 908Registered
    Would like to have name changed to FingerCramp

    Bought Evo bag, went to evo bought shirts lol

    This is Awesome Btw

    We love games.....
  • BrennanBrennan IT'S NOT A TUNA! Joined: Posts: 1,043Registered
    Hey there - I'd like to have my username changed to "Rothion".

    Thanks in advance.
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  • AbhiAbhi Best Team EVER Joined: Posts: 1,508Registered
    so please change to Abhi
    I'm like an Hadoken

    I'm like Down Right Fierce
  • kaymizzlekaymizzle Joined: Posts: 88Registered
    Please change my name to:


    Transaction ID: 200128318

    Thanks a bunch!
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  • grimtoothgrimtooth chesto! Joined: Posts: 158Registered
    Please change my name to BerlinCalling.
  • GuiltyGearX104GuiltyGearX104 Just Bring It... Joined: Posts: 1,050Registered
    So when is this name Change suppose to take in affect?
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  • RealoneRealone Mr. Unequivocal Joined: Posts: 34Registered
    I would like mines changed to Mr. Unequivocal. Thanks in advance!!!!
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