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    we have an enormous number of results for MK here, I have to add a bunch of tournaments that have happened recently since I've been lazy.
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    Thanks everyone for still sending/posting results. :)

    While the site's main goal was more to have a historic collection of past tournament results rather than be an up to date results site (SRK and Eventhubs are sites that you want to go for stuff like that), I did want it to continually update as well. But the scope to continually update tournaments these days is very overwhelming, especially when a lot more international tournaments were included. There are big events/majors seemingly every week now, if not more. And running the ST Revival site and Tournament of Legends this year, which have become my main priority plus RL, have really put me way behind.

    I'm still trying to find a better method to update results that would make the workload a lot less, so I haven't completely abandoned the idea to update the site again with results from this year.
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