How to pick the ken with white gi and white hair?

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this is a stupid question but i cant find it anywhere. i dont think its a dlc costume pack is it? i been trying to get that color and thought it wasnt in the game but today i saw a guy with that color online. no offense to all u kens out there but this is the best color.


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    On my PS3...........I hit L1.
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  • RaiyooRaiyoo Joined: Posts: 83Registered
    omg just realized something...im gonna go test and report back
    nvm, i failed. do u have ti unlock the color?
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    Yeah you gotta unlock it. It was my favorite color til the new outfits came out. Unlock it by beating arcade mode with Ken. Then go to downloadable content and color packs and pick it
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    That's the only color I use!
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