AE DLC costumes

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Hello,I was wondering about the ae costume pack dlc.while searching for it on xbox.com I notice that they didn't have it listed for 360 but only for pc,currently i'm having my xbox shipped to me this weekend while vacation down south with my fiancee.I just added me some points to my account from the site,my question is,will it show up once my xbox arrives and I hook up AE or is it not on the market anymore?


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    should... theres all kinds too!
    a lot of alt items too!
    Don't matter they class, I cut em like the students do/ fuck I care they beautiful macking is a usual... SON!
    Hatins' lame and I'm not the type. Good from here to Gucci Block, Favorite Color Gucci Box.
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    Is there a pack which includes completely ALL costumes for each character (I really mean All from vanilla to ae2012) ? If so, how is the name of the pack? There are so many, like ultimate costume pack etc. pp.
    Should be 3 costumes for the vanilla cast and 2 for the super and 1 for the ae ?
    thanks so far.
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