Psi-Art // 02.19 - Year of the Black Water Snake.



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    Holy crap, loving the Felicia/Ammy pic. Can't wait to it finished.
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    Thanks guys! Been totally inactive.. Been super sick since the 25th, finallyyyyy doing better / back to work. Hopefully more art soon!
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    Hopefully more art soon!

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    Awesome work! I'm diggin' those textures of Felicia!
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    That's a healthy amount of work. Some nice paintings, I especially like Nova and the little Morrigan but I have to say the Succubucks logo steals the show for me. Probably in part because I am terrible at logos but it is really cool.
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    So.. It has been awhile. Here are some arts! I've definitely been doing a lot of traditional recently.. Starting to tattoo soon!

    So to start things off.. Quick drawing of a batten (cat bat!) with the liner I built myself.. It's black and purple, but meh.

    Chun li... A lil' dif attire. I'll be coloring this for a friend's stick art. :)

    Quick "Morrifun" drawing.

    Attacked this one with sharpie..

    I've also been doing a lot of "Sketch Jams" to try and have time limits on myself and to draw things I typically wouldn't.. I still gravitate towards ladies though. Oh well. Anyway sketch jams have a topic, a time limit, and a post date.

    Topic: Zombie
    Time limit: 4 hrs
    I spent about 3 hrs on this.. Obviously didn't finish but meh. Zombie tao!

    Topic: Purgatory
    Time limit: 4 hrs
    2 hrs on this one, collab with a friend.. He helped me with the earth coming apart in

    Topic: Destroying Angel
    Time limit: 4 hrs
    Took a lil under 4 on this one.

    Medicated Alice... Another collab. I drew Alice, my friend drew the caterpillar.
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    Ahhh forgot my favorite one..

    This was for a sketchjam as well.

    Topic: Lunar New Year
    Time limit: 6 hrs
    5 hrs on this.

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