"Time to get serious!" Hakan Match-up Thread

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Each post will be a different character, starting in alphabetical order. We have been posting in "question to the Hakan community" thread but here's the real thing. I'll also create a detailed matchup discussion thread where you can post to add anything and I can edit the posts. PLEASE DON'T POST HERE OR IT WILL BREAK UP THE GUIDES.


Preferred Ultra: Ultra 1
Slide Wakeup: Free if no Meter
Crossup j.hk: whiff mp, j.hk (Basic setups work on Abel)
Main Points: Condition his use of TT, try to get into aggressive wakeup game.

Abel is a tough matchup just because TT stuffs Hakan's throws, including U1. You really need to have strong mixup and don't rely on grabs all game. Abel has such a weak wakeup game, you really need to keep the pressure on him during wakeup. He has an advantage when you're both standing because of his normals, especially when you are unoiled.

This is where you will get most of your damage on an Abel player so take advantage of every wakeup attempt.

What are Abel's options for wakeup in general?
Falling Sky
EX Change of Direction

Post-Slide Lab Work:
Slide Wakeup counters:
EX TT before block

If he blocks the wakeup slide, he won't have enough frames to counter with a TT.

Crossup j.HK wakeup counter:
EX Change of Direction - it will absorb the hk. You have time to block the attack after the hk though.
EX Roll

MP and EX Falling Sky will cause a crossup whiff so keep that in mind.

Uncrouchable Oil Dive counters:
basic counters like backdash and jump.

He can't use a special to get out. They all get Reversal.

Post Slide Strategy:

If Abel doesn't have any meter, use slide wakeup. You could test a slide wakeup to see if your opponent knows the matchup, but his other wakeup shennanigans are just as good to use when he has meter. Just don't overuse slide wakeup or he will start jumping after the block, keep this in mind. If Abel has meter, I would go with the crossup and use the oil dive maybe once or twice. Mixup the Oil dive setup with slide to catch backdashes. After an oil dive, Mk oil reset and get into Oiled Strategy. If Abel is using Ultra 2 and has it, do slide wakeup. I can't tell you how many Abels I've played use Ultra 2 and try to get it off during a slide wakeup. I still laugh every time.


Back Throw - lk oil. DO NOT USE if he has Ultra.
Forward throw - hk oil. Use mk oil if he has Ultra.
Full Screen - lk oil. Don't be obvious if he has Ultra, he can dash forward Ultra.


(posted by gaoser)

Unoiled, Hakan has few options against Abel. DO NOT use towards+hk or towards+mp up close, Abel can reversal each of them with TT. If you want to use either of them, use them at max-range. Even then, on block, Hakan is at a disadvantage when it comes to options:

post towards+hk options on block (no oil):
-Abel can reversal grab Hakan after a blocked towards+hk used upclose
-Abel's grab beats Hakan's grab. After blocked max-range towards+hk they both whiff.
-Abel's grab beats Hakan's normals on blocked close towards+hk. At max range Hakan's low+mk will stuff Abel's whiffed TT.
-Abel's grab whiffs on Hakan's backdash/jump.
-Abel's normal stuffs Hakan's grab since Abel's out of range. This is bad, since this gives Abel an opportunity to land towards+mk.
-Abel's normal cause a trade, Hakan can even block in this situation. This is bad as well since it gives Abel an opporunity to land towards+mk.
-Abel's normal will whiff on Hakan's backdash but will hit him out of his jump.

As you can see, all Abel needs to do on block from close range is reversal TT. From max range towards+mk will beat out everything or make Hakan block, which is bad since in this situation Hakan has no oil and is on the defense. All Hakan can do is max-range towards+hk and then backdash right away. Smart Abel players will catch on to this and come after you by dashing towards you. The options are pretty much the same against Hakan's towards+mp on block. Up close it can be punished with reversal TT, and from max range Abel can just towards mk to mount his offense. Be sure to backdash if Abel blocks anything from max-range.


With oil, Hakan's offensive options post blocked towards+hk and towards+mp improve, thanks to backdash dnc. Backdash dnc to low+mk beats pretty much EVERYTHING. You still have to use both towards+mp and towards+hk from max range, however all of Abel's options get beat by backdash dnc into low+mk, which can hitconfirm into slide. You can also do backdash dnc into low+lk, to tick into a throw. However, most of the time you'll already be out of range after a towards+hk to use low+lk. All of Abel's grabs whiff anyway since he's out of range, also, Abel's normals will whiff when you backdash dnc. This is not 100 percent fool proof though, Abel can simply mistime his normals to throw you off, or he can even backdash out of everything and reset the situation. It just helps give Hakan some offensive options off of blocked max-range towards+hk or towards+mp.

You can also fadc into dnc as a follow-up to max range blocked towards+hk or mp as well. It's a bit more risk since you accumulate grey health but it will stop Abel's toward+mk. Be cautious, Abel can simply dash up and TT you.

(Thank you gaoser)

Adding on to the Oiled/Unoiled Strategy, after a Blocked Change of Direction, you can Oil rocket or U1 after the first hit is blocked. If he's close enough, you can actually do an UNOILED rocket


Block lk Wheel kick and punish with c.mk or pokes into slide
Block EX wheel kick and punish with c.lp into slide
BackDNC after towards+mk
Block Change of direction and punish with U1 / Rocket


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    Preferred Ultra: I prefer Ultra 1, but Ultra 2 isn't a bad choice either. This is one of those matchup where it should be personal preference.
    Slide Wakeup: Not Free details in Wakeup section
    Crossup j.hk: whiff towards+lp, j.hk
    Main Points: Watch when he has two bars for FADC Rising Jaguar, Know your punishes

    An aggressive Adon can give you a lot of trouble, especially if you don't know what you can do to punish certain moves. Out of the gate, Adon will try to rush you down, so be prepared to play a little defense. You really have to keep your eye on his meter. If he has two bars, odds are he will FADC. I will discuss this in detail below. Basically you want to get into your crossup j.hk game and be very conservative with your oil rockets.


    The only really effective wakeup tool against Hakan would be Rising Jaguar. This is the main wakeup move you need to watch out for.

    Post-Slide Lab Work:
    Slide Wakeup Counters:
    Hk/EX Rising Jaguar

    It's true that if you time the wakeup slide correctly, the lk rising jaguar will go over you and the mk rising jaguar will be counterhit. It would be really gutsy to use the slide wakeup because Adon can just EX or Hk rising jaguar. Honestly, I don't think this is a wise choice to use on wakeup, but if you're feeling lucky and thinking he will use the LK version, go for it.

    Crossup j.HK wakeup counter:

    This is my choice for wakeup. ALL REVERSAL RISING JAGUARS WHIFF. This is a weird setup for a crossup. You have to whiff towards+lp and then do the jumping hk. This will be your bread and butter against Adon.

    Uncrouchable Oil Dive counters:
    Rising Jaguar

    I would only use this 1/10 times and half the time I just whiff the HP to try and bait out the Rising Jaguar. Not really a move I like to use in this matchup. If you have to use it, mix it between the oil dive and coward crouch.

    Post Slide Strategy:

    Almost all of the time, I would use the crossup j.hk. Adon can't use a reversal to counter it and Hakan's other options for wakeup are vulnerable to attack.


    Full screen you should be able to get a lk oil in but watch out for lk Jaguar Kick when you're between mid and full screen. Oiling up shouldn't be a big priority in this matchup, in my opinion. You rely on crossup hk and punishing Adon's attacks.


    Patience is the key. Wait for Adon to make a mistake and take full advantage. You need to know what can punish certain moves and what to do in certain situations. I'm going to list his specials and you needs to know what to do for each one.

    Rising Jaguar: Adon's most used move that's easily punished when blocked. Keep in mind Adon's meter situation. If he has two bars and does a rising jaguar, be thinking about buffering a oil rocket. ODDS ARE HE WILL FADC IF HE HAS TWO METERS. When you see the yellow flash, use Ultra 1 or Oil Rocket. If you do it quick enough, Adon won't have time to throw or do another rising jaguar.

    Jaguar Kick: This is a tough move to deal with. You can punish a LK and EX Jaguar Kick with Ultra 1 (You only have 1 frame advantage with the EX so you need to be perfect). Just don't be frustrated if he starts abusing this move. You can also use standing HP as a counter if he gets predictable, but you cannot use it on reaction. There's nothing wrong with just turtling against this move. Also, if his jaguar kick is short, you can also sweep on reaction. If you react fast enough you could also use towards+mp into slide on a short jaguar kick. If you're caught off guard use the sweep though.

    Jaguar Tooth: CHANGED FOR AE - When you see Adon jumping up on the wall, use toward + mp. it will air reset the EX, HK, and even could reach the MK version when close to full screen.


    As you can see from the Unoiled section, Oil isn't required to punish Adon's specials. Your strategy doesn't really change with oil. FA backdash still gets caught by rising jaguar when you're oiled. It helps with basic gameplay, but I really think oil isn't necessary in this matchup.

    towards+mp (2-hit overhead attack)
    Jaguar Kick: LK and EX versions only
    Jaguar Tooth: EX only
    Rising Jaguar into FADC

    If your reaction time is excellent for Ultra 2 and can get it off with ease, then use Ultra 2. It's really just personal preference.


    Blocking Rising Jaguar into FADC and Ultra 1/Rocket before he does his next move, or slide punishing if he doesn't FADC. Be able to do each.
    fwd+mp air reset the Jaguar Tooth
    Block Lk/EX Jaguar Kick and punish with U1
    Post slide crossup setup (towards+lp whiff)
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    Preferred Ultra: Ultra 2
    Slide Wakeup: Not Free
    Crossup j.hk: Whiff mp (he's not one of the basic setup characters, but this will make his shoryuken whiff)
    Main Points: Watch for the low attacks into hurricane, punish fireballs, know how to deal with standing HK, get Akuma to back off of you

    Akuma isn't that bad of a matchup. Ultra 2 is the best option for this matchup because it totally shuts down his demon flips on wakeup. Because of his poor health, Hakan only needs a few key combos to get the victory. This is why I like getting into the crossup wakeup game for this matchup. You can punish air fireballs with slide if timed correctly. Akuma will always try to get into his hurricane combo so remember to block low. Also, know what to do against standing hk, which I will discuss below.


    What are Akuma's options for wakeup in general?
    Raging Demon

    Slide Wakeup counters:
    Raging Demon, Shoryuken, Teleport gets out


    Crossup j.HK wakeup counters:

    This should be the go to move. Shoryuken will whiff and if you OS a slide after the HK, the slide will catch a teleport. I recommend not OSing a slide until one of his shoryukens whiffs on wakeup so he will know not to do that again. If you OS a slide and he uses shoryuken, your slide will come out. This is such a fantastic move in this matchup.

    Uncrouchable Oil Dive counters:

    Teleport, Shoryuken

    If he does wakeup Raging Demon, the dive will catch it. Since shoryuken eats this move, I wouldn't recommend using this unless you have trained Akuma well enough to not shoryuken on wakeup.

    Post Slide Strategy:

    Stick with Crossup. I almost always go for the crossup in this matchup. It's just too good against Akuma and he eats a lot of damage.


    Backthrow/EX Rocket/HP Rocket/full screen: Don't oil up if he has Raging Demon. He can catch you.


    The only way you'll be in this situation is if Akuma is rushing you down. If he's not rushing you down, fake oiling up if he has Raging Demon then lk oil and get into Oiled Strategy. If he's rushing you down, block the jump in attack and low block after that.

    Akuma's options after a jump in attack:
    low pokes
    standing HK

    Low block takes care of everything except throw so be ready to crouchtech (lp+lk+mk). After his low pokes, Akuma will either jump in again, throw, or standing hk. IN YOUR MIND, BE READY TO ULTRA 2 IF HE JUMPS IN AGAIN. If you see the jump forward, you should be ready. Standing HK can be blocked and you can tech and walk up throw. Just knowing what Akuma's options are will help a lot. You really have to be on your A game mentally when you are unoiled.

    Also note that Akuma has an overhead (towards+mp) and he might start mixing that into his game if you are crouch blocking a lot. Keep that in mind.

    You can also use standing HP if he starts using standing hk a lot to keep him off of you.


    This gets a lot easier because of DNC. You can try baiting out his standing HK by holding down focus attack, absorb the first hit, then DNC into c.lk into rocket. Also absorbing the jump in into c.lk into grab is great too. Remember, FA can absorb LK hurricane and LP shoryuken.


    The goal of all these strategies is to stop Akuma from rushing you down. Once you have trained him to back up, you can start playing your usual game. Slide punish his fireballs into wakeup game. If Akuma isn't rushing you down, there is NO REASON why you shouldn't win this fight.


    OS slide into crossup hk slide combo.
    FADNC -> c.lk -> grab
    Know the timing of air fireballs and be able to hp slide
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    (this has been written by Liquigen. Thank you for doing Balrog)

    Preferred Ultra: Ultra 1
    Slide Wakeup: So-so. Can be beat by EX Headbutt (depending on setup).
    Crossup j.hk: Whiff mp. Can be used with uncrouch DDT (explained below)
    Main Points: Balrog is generally a very straightforward matchup. He's very linear, and as such, not much deviance from the normal gameplan is required.

    Establish that the Rog in question likes to use far rush punches, and then be ready to c.mk xx slide them on reaction and in anticipation.

    As far as middish range, Rog can either (a) back up and space you out, (b) attempt to jump in, or (c) play footsies. Depending on what the Rog is like, or what you make him do (i.e. forcing footsies), you will have to adapt; if he likes to back up, take the chance to oil. If he wants to jump in, aa with s.fp. If you're in footsies, watch out for c.rh and s.rh and keep focus ready.


    Balrog has a pretty poor wakeup game that consists of:
    Ex Rushpunches

    Slide Wakeup counters:

    Ex Headbutt (sometimes)

    Crossup j.HK wakeup counters:

    This is incredibly powerful on Balrog. From a j.rh, you can time it late enough so that a lk oil dive immediately afterwards will be uncrouchable. Keeping in mind that Rog is a charge character, if done late, he will have to block the j.rh high, losing his down charge for headbutt.

    The only way Rog can escape this is a few risky options.
    -Backdash on wakeup
    -EX Rush the j.rh (if you time it a tad bit early, the rush will miss and be punished by oil dive)
    -Block the j.rh, attempt to mash jab (if he learns this, do Ex 360 instead of oil dive, enforcing the "50/50"
    -Block j.rh, attempt to jump (oil dive beats it)
    -Block j.rh, backdash out (can be countered with a stronger version of oil dive, giving you even more damage)

    Indeed, rushpunch will not work as a reversal against the oil dive, so that is not something to worry about.

    Uncrouchable Oil Dive counters:
    ^ Above

    Post Slide Strategy:
    The s.mp j.rh setup. You don't necessarily have to do the uncrouch DDT (its actually recommended you dont in order to keep them honest), but this is still really good vs. Balrog overall.


    Oil from fullscreen when turtling, or after normal throws.


    THe unoiled strategy vs. Balrog is more or less the same oiled. Keep your wits about you. Punish stupid rushes, anti air, and tech throws if he gets in. Be wary of sweeps and s.rh's, and use focus wisely.

    Again, there isn't much variety to this character, so just block low if he gets in and tech. You may wish to tech with lp+lk+mp, just to keep him away if he tries sweep shenanigans to punish crouch tech.

    If you have the chance to land (a) oil rocket, or (b) a normal throw, go for the normal throw. Neutral/forward throw gets you a free rh oil, and passable damage.

    Try to be on point with aa's. In this matchup particularly, it's pretty hard. If he's jumping right in your face, f.lp will usually do the trick. If it's from a so-so distance, s.fp or f.mp usually work. Just recognize the distances and attack accordingly.

    You can c.lp a gutpunch (armor breaking rush) to get a CH, then of course combo into slide, on reaction.


    Really, the strategy here is more or less the same; the only noticeable difference being in your grab opportunities and aa'ing ability (parrying). Try to make more use of grabs here, as well as slide fadnc's. Just remember to keep it safe.


    Basically, just play smart and solid. Tech throws, pressure hard on wakeup, and aa properly. Balrog is the perfect character to play against in order to test your fundamentals. Do not get frustrated if you eat the infamous headbutt to ultra; just keep playin.


    Slide > late jump rh to uncrouch ddt/360
    Slide fadnc's
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    Preferred Ultra: Ultra 2
    Slide Wakeup: Free if no EX (whiff c.mp instead of dash)
    Crossup j.hk: whiff mp and it's a late j.hk.
    Main Points: Oil whenever you get the chance, keep your distance, punish BBs

    Apparently this is one of Hakan's "favorable" matchups because you can punish blocked Blanka Balls with slide, but I still think it can be a little tough. Keep your distance in this matchup. You don't want blanka crossing up all over you into mixup game. Oil up whenever you get the chance. You shouldn't be jumping in hardly at all in this matchup. Blanka's AA is just too good against you.


    Crossup j.hk is stuffed by electricity and you CANNOT UNCROUCHABLE OIL DIVE. You can either slide wakeup or oil up and reset.

    Slide Wakeup counters:
    EX Up Roll

    The up roll actually whiffs. You need to whiff c.mp after a slide followup then slide. If Blanka has ultra, don't even try this.

    Post-Slide Wakeup General Strategy:
    You should slide wakeup to keep the pressure on him. If he has ultra, oil up and reset.

    (Thank you to Swoops for correcting Blanka's wakeup section)


    lk oil after slide followup
    backthrow - don't oil up
    throw - you CAN hk oil and block before an ex/hp BB hits, then punish. Good way to bait.
    Ex/HP oil rocket - you CAN lk oil and block in time. Another good way to bait


    The main goal of this match is to punish his attacks and oil up. Here's what you should do for each move

    Blanka Balls: Block, HP slide, Oil up. Most Blankas know this so they won't use BB too much, but EVERY BLOCKED BB SHOULD BE PUNISHED.

    Backstep Roll: Most Blankas just use the EX version to crossup hit. FOCUS ATTACK THIS. You can focus attack on reaction pretty late and hold it down until he drops right in front of you (even if the hit crosses up, he drops right in front of you). Practice this to get the timing down before he recovers.

    Electric Thunder: If he doing this right in front of your face and you're too close to do anything, EX slide. Remember the HP electric thunder can stuff slide so be careful. If you don't have meter, just block and reset.

    Surprise Forward / Backward: Obviously you can catch it with U2, but I think there's a better option. You can actually oil rocket when he lands before he has time to do anything. Practice the timing in training mode.

    Basically if you are unoiled, you will play very defensively and looking for opportunities to slide and punish his moves. Try to bait a BB by just tapping down. Try to FA his sliding HP unique move (Amazon River Run). Remember that this move requires Blanka to put the joystick forward so he cannot BB.


    This is where you want to be. FA parry is just too good in this matchup against jumpins. Parry the jumpin into poke and grab.

    Blanka can do four things to get close
    jump in
    use BB
    use Surprise Forward
    Amazon River Run

    Parry the jump in, block punish the BB, oil rocket the surprise forward, block/FA the Amazon River Run


    ULTRA 1: Most Blankas will use this ultra. I personally just save my U2 to use against this. If he activates the ultra right next to you, low block the first part. Right when you get in block animation, spam U2 so it goes off right when Blanka goes in the air. If you activate U2 right when Blanka is next to you, U2 will end before you can catch him. If Blanka is farther away, instantly use U2. Test out the ranges in training mode.

    ULTRA 2: My only comment on this is be careful when you oil up after regular throws and full screen.


    Using FA to punish EX Backstep Roll
    Oil rocket Surprise Forwards
    Parry jump ins
    Using U2 to counter Blanka's U1 at different spacings
    Slide Wakeup Timing
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    C. VIPER

    Preferred Ultra: Ultra 2
    Slide Wakeup: Not Free
    crossup j.MK: whiff mk and use the mk crossup, don't use hk, I'll explain why
    Main Points: Have patience and look for the slide opening, know her options

    The only normal that can be punished on block by your pokes would be crouching mk. Even oiled up, you cannot punish most of her specials. Most of your wakeup can be stuffed by her specials but here's some stuff that will help.


    Post Slide:

    Slide Wakeup Counters:
    EX Seismo, HP Thunder Knuckle, Burning kick whiffs

    Because it can be stopped by Thunder Knuckle and EX seismo, this shouldn't be the go to move.

    Crossup j.mk Counters:

    I use the crossup j.mk instead of the j.hk crossup. J.hk crossup trades with HP Thunder Knuckle and is beat by EX Seismo. When you crossup with j.mk, HP thunder knuckle whiffs and you cross up whiff when she uses EX Seismo. If she uses burning kick, it will hit in air and reset. You can OS an Oil Rocket before she gets off the Seismo or you can slide. if the j.mk kicks, go into poke game.

    You can also use the safejump j.rh os u2 to catch ex BK, hp TK, etc. Just watch out for the EX Seismo and in that case OS the rocket.

    Uncrouchable Oil Dive:
    EX Seismo, HP Thunder Knuckle

    Too easy to punish on post slide wakeup.

    Other Wakeups to remember:
    Hk oil rocket -> whiff Forward+MP -> lk oil dive
    Oiled Forward+HK -> Backdash -> hk oil dive

    Because you're not right on Viper, she might not reversal you and you might be able to get away with a couple of these. Just go with crossup j.mk and throw a few of these in. Keep Viper guessing.


    You can try oiling up from full screen, but know that Viper could dash forward and use Seismo. You wanna be about half screen distance against Viper. Stay in that range and low block. What you can do is block the MP Seismo and if she doesn't high jump you can punish with a HP slide. When you're full screen you cannot punish. If she does high jump towards you, you can use standing HP to bat away the burning kick. Remember, you can catch an empty high jump with slide. Test these out in training mode. You can even FA an obvious burning kick.

    You can also use fwd+mp to duck under a full screen or so burning kick. Viper really isn't scary up close, without a knockdown. The most she can do it stuff like TK feints into more feints, or an overhead or throw. Be ready to tech throws or block overheads. Overall, keep blocking and look for a way out.


    I totally forgot about FADNC against Viper. On a burning kick, this will work wonders. You can FADNC into Forwards+HK and try to catch her in an oil dive wakeup or just go for a slide combo. If it's not a burning kick, just DNC into pokes. If you're oiled and she's jumping in, this will help you a lot.


    I was requested to look into coward crouch so I thought I would write a section about it. It's true that Coward Crouch does dodge Burning Kick. I personally think that using FA is a better option. You can dodge the kick, but if Viper jumps away you won't have time to punish with a Rocket. You can use it if you like and it's a decent tool against Viper, but I think FADNC or even regular FA is a better option on jumpins.


    Hk oil rocket -> whiff Forward+MP -> lk oil dive
    Oiled Forward+HK -> Backdash -> hk oil dive
    Slide punishing a blocked Seismo
    AA Standing HP against Burning Kick
    Crossup J.mk
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    Preferred Ultra: Personal Preference, I use Ultra 1 but I'll write for both
    Slide Wakeup: Not Free
    Crossup j.hk: whiff MP
    Main Points: Don't get baited out of U2, block low, aggressive crossup wakeup game, watch the FADC

    Cammy is similar to the Adon matchup except Cammy's wakeup against you is a little better. When she gets into her rhythm, remember that you don't have to block low against c.lp but you need to block low against c.lk which can be linked into c.lp. Be careful with reversals on wakeup especially U2. Once you have U2, she will try to bait it out. Cammy can time it so she empty jumps and cannon strikes and U2 will be in recovery.


    You can really deal a lot of damage to Cammy in here. This is where you want to be.

    Post-Slide Wakeup:
    Slide Wakeup Counters:
    Cannon Spike

    It can be easily stuffed by Cannon spike and Ultra. I would suggest not using Slide Wakeup against Cammy.

    Uncrouchable Oil Dive Counters:

    Cannon Spike

    Same thing with Oil Dive setups. Cammy will see it coming and nail you with a Cannon Spike

    Crossup j.hk Counters:


    This is the move you should use every chance you get. Cannon spike, Ultra, and Super all whiff so be ready to punish with a slide. From j.hk, I would go into pokes instead of c.mk the first time you crossup because if she goes for cannon spike you won't have enough time to punish with a slide. Go for j.hk -> lp lp links. After Cammy learns she can't use cannon spike, then go back to using c.mk into slide. Once she starts blocking the crossup, I like to FADC the slide into U1.

    Another thing to note is that you can whiff the s.mp and time the j.rh almost kinda towards the ground. If they block normal, it crosses up. If they block it as a crossup, Cammy walks out. If you want to bait them blocking a crossup, do the j.rh earlier; if not, do the crossup. You become vulnerable to Cannon Spike with this setup so be sure to train Cammy to not use it on wakeup before you attempt this.


    Watch for Ultra 1 after a forward throw. Cammy can use Hooligan if you make an obvious oil up attempt so don't be too obvious. Cammy will usually rush you down so I would recommend oiling up after oil dives and throws.


    Cammy is going to be in your face with her cannon strike and jumpins. Punish all Spiral Arrows with Rocket or c.mk slide (depending if you want oil or go into crossup wakeup, I prefer c.mk). If Cammy is jumping in on you with Cannon Strike, use FA. Right when you see the hit being absorbed, let go and it should hit her before she has time to do anything. She can also mix this up by jumping in throw but you can swat it away with standing HP. Don't let her get in on you. If she starts using hooligan, poke it away.


    This adds FADNC and wakeup backdash or wakeup FADNC against Cannon Strike. On your wakeup, you can backDNC the cannon strike with lk. Try to use Focus Attack in this matchup. You can DNC a c.mk after a Focus Attack or just absorb DNC. Cammy's Strikes and Spikes are one hit and can be Focus Attacked, just watch out for the 2-hit HK cannon drill.

    Overall I really think this isn't too bad of a matchup. I personally like using Ultra 1 to scare her into jumping and just poke her out. It's also great with slide FADC. When she loses instant normal cannon strike, I will really enjoy this matchup. Just remember to use crossup hk on wakeup, poke away / FA her jumpins, watch out for FADC Cannon Spike (when you see the flash and dash forward, activate U1), and try mixing in some focus attacks to your game.


    Poking Hooligan
    Slide -> FADC -> U2 (use if she's been abusing cannon spike)
    crossup j.hk -> c.mk - > slide -> FADC -> U1
    lp lp links
    waking up BackDNC
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    Preferred Ultra: Personal Preference (I use U1)
    Slide Wakeup: Free if no Meter
    Crossup j.hk: whiff mp, early hk
    Main Points: Knock her down, use Focus Attack a lot for offense and FADC back on your wakeup, know what to punish, don't let her get into her mixup.

    I have a small group of people I play with, but the guy I play with most mains Chun li. Most Chuns use U2 now, which is good for Hakan. If you ever see a Chun li picking U1 against you, that means she knows a little about the matchup and will try to catch you oiling up. You want to keep your distance and oil up or go for the knockdown. FADNC works really well against a lot of chun's moves. This is still a very tough matchup and my friend wants me to call this guide the 'How to beat chun almost 40% of the time' which is total BS because I've brought it above 50% definitely. (actually not really)


    Chun li has one wakeup move, EX Spinning Bird, and she is always dying to use it. If she doesn't have meter, wakeup against her is free.

    Post-slide wakeup:
    Slide Wakeup counter:
    EX Spinning Bird

    I only use wakeup slide when she doesn't have meter. It's too easily punished with EX Spinning Bird

    Uncrouchable Oil Dive counters:
    EX Bird

    I like to use this a lot and switch between going for it and baiting out that EX Bird. I've used this so much that my friend can now punish on reaction if I go for it. It's still a great way to bait out that bird and punish with a Forward+mp into slide. You can also try jumping at the last second into U1

    Crossup j.hk counter:
    EX Bird

    It's extremely hard to do the crossup j.hk because of Chun's wakeup time. I wouldn't recommend going for this because EX bird eats it up and if she doesn't have meter Slide and Dive are better tools to use.

    If Chun has no meter, use slide wakeup and dive. Using dive when she has no meter will pay dividends when you try to bait out that Bird. Another great way to bait out the bird is just lk oil. Generally if the Chun is using U2, I tend to think the player doesn't know the matchup very well and you can use lk oil to bait out that bird. I normally just use the oil to bait and don't really go for U1 or Rocket, but it is an option.

    OS U2 post slide wakeup
    After a slide followup, back up just a little bit and do a j.hk with an OS u2. The j.hk will hit chun if she doesn't do EX SBK but the U2 will come out if she does. Here's a video: http://rapidshare.com/files/434340780/Video_3.wmv You can also OS an EX Slide if she backdashes the j.hk

    DIVE WAKEUP SETUPS (created by popular demand. haha):

    I really don't like to abuse these setups, but Chun li can only stop it by using EX Spinning Bird. If Chun has meter, switch between actually doing the setup and trying to bait out the SBK.

    Chun's Post move: dive setup
    Slide: whiff hp, hk dive
    Dive: whiff mp, jump over, lk dive
    Air Throw: lk Oil, lk dive
    EX Rocket: whiff forward+mp, mk dive
    Oiled Forward+HK: backdash, hk dive

    Stuffing EX SBK on wakeup:
    HP.SPD -> whiff mk -> j.mk
    EX.SPD -> dash -> j.hk (I assume unoiled?)
    slide followup -> backdash -> j.mk (unoiled only?)


    From full screen, you are safe from her fireballs and specials. If you are all the way full screen, lk oil is safe from U1, but a very good chun can dash forward and U1. I usually push down repeatedly to try and bait out that U1. Just keep Chun's U1 in mind when you oil up.


    Jumping in is usually pretty bad against Chun Li and I wouldn't recommend it too many times, but if you happen to jump in, DON'T USE HK. J.hk gets stuffed by chun's uber good c.hk. Hakan's j.mk actually has priority 9/10 times against Chun's c.hk. From there you can go c.mk into slide. jumping MP and grab against A2A Chun is horrible unless you read it perfectly. If you're sure she will jump at you, you need to using jumping mp pretty early but if you're wrong Chun li will punish you. If the Chun is a turtler, stick with the j.mk. If the Chun is aggressive, be able to read your opponent and time a jump mp.

    Focus Attack is really good in this matchup. You should FADC every Hasanshu and dash grab/U1. If Chun neutral jumps near you, she will probably use the N.J.HK and you can FA punish it. You can also FA punish c.hk if she starts abusing c.hk. Chun will probbaly be turtling a lot and because of this, slide FADC is a great tool. She'll be looking to punish after the block so you could even bait out an attack or jump. She'll probably try to punish with EX SBK or just jump away so Slide -> FADC -> U2 is another tool you can use (a hilarious tool). Be conservative with your slides but always be ready for the opportunities. You can actually catch Chun with a HP slide when she throws a fireball from pretty far away.

    Chun's moves and what to do:
    j.hp -> j.hp: You're backdash is horrible when unoiled so you will have to get the timing down for an AA HP. Don't do the HP too late for the trade or too early. If you have to block, remember to stand up and block both hits. Chuns also like to do low pokes after so be ready to block low. Watch the grab mixup. Try to master the HP timing. If you're oiled, you can FADC out.

    Non-EX Spinning Bird:
    If you use U1 and you block a non-EX SBK, move from crouching position into standing block position or the SBK will go over you. If you time the reversal just right, U1 will punish blocked non-ex SBKs.

    Down+Forward+HK: This is the Flip over kick. You can time a forward+LP if unoiled as a counter AA hit. If you're Oiled, FADNC towards Chun. YOU SHOULD NEVER BLOCK THIS ATTACK.

    Instant overhead kick:
    On hit, you can punish this with a slide if she jumps back. If she jumps forward on this, you can time a standing rocket when she hits the ground.

    Ultras: This is rare, but if she tries to wakeup chip you out with U2, EX slide can get through her ultra. Don't even try to CC under Chun's U1, just block and punish. You can try to bait out the U1 by being full screen and using lk oil (make sure you are all the way across or you will be hit). Remember that last flip kick in the animation is not an attack when you block so punish.

    Always try to go for the knockdown, know how to punish her moves above, and minimize her ability to get in close. If you practice these things below and use them against chun li in a match, you will see your average wins against her go up.


    Timing on standing HP AA against j.hp -> j.hp
    Timing on forward+LP counterhit against Down+Forward+HK (flip over kick)
    FADC back on your wakeup against Chun's wakeup air attacks
    Instant overhead kick punishes
    Blocking non-ex SBK -> U1
    The timing on wakeup Dive setups
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    Preferred Ultra: Ultra 1
    Slide Wakeup: Free if no Meter
    Crossup j.mk: whiff MP BUT use late mk instead of hk
    Main Points: Go for the knockdown, know how to stop his jumpins and his wakeup, Oil up

    This a pretty good matchup for Hakan. Hakan's wakeup game against Cody is amazing. Cody's pokes are incredible though and he will almost always try to get his combos going from jumping in. Stay in Wakeup as long as possible and punish his specials.


    Cody has very poor wakeup game against Hakan. Even EX Zonk isn't that great against him. The crossup is a bit tricky but I will try to explain it in detail.

    Post-Slide Strategy:
    Crossup j.mk Counters:

    This is a great wakeup move against Cody. Whiff the MP like you would go for the standard j.hk crossup but use j.mk instead. The timing is weird so practice this in training mode. The j.mk will actually crossup and you can link into c.mk slide. Not only does it crossup, but ALL zonks and ALL Criminal Uppers whiff or counterhit, including EX. AND the best part is that Cody still stays in reach of a c.mk for all of these moves. This is a great move against Cody. Just watch if he has U1.

    Slide Wakeup Counters:

    If he has no meter and you're timing on the crossup isn't great, go for this.

    Uncrouchable Oil Dive Counters:
    Criminal Uppers, EX Zonk, Ruffian Kick

    Too many things can counter the Oil dive and the other two wakeups are amazing. I wouldn't even worry about using oil dive on wakeup after slide.

    Stick with the crossup j.mk.


    At full screen you can oil up without worrying about a big combo, only rocks and only if he sees it coming. Just keep Ultra in mind if he uses U2, but everything is pretty standard when it comes to oiling. Also note that the first part of U1 goes through EX oil, so you could try to bait it out.


    Cody is going to try and jump in on you a lot, so you really need to know the timing for an AA HP. Even if he attempts a crossup mk, you can still swat it away with HP. He will also try to go for the knockdown using Ruffian kicks so be prepared to block low as well. Punish regular ruffian kicks with LP rocket and oil up. You can punish EX Ruffian Kicks with c.mk slide. He can also get in close by using Forward+HK or c.mk. You can't punish the Forward+hk so don't try for the grab. You could jump forward and go for the air throw. The jump will also dodge criminal uppers. Cody could catch on though and use EX criminal upper. If so, just block and punish with a well timed forward+mp. For the c.mk, just give him a good poke afterwards. It's risky going for the unoiled throw. Also keep in mind that Cody has a great Focus Attack and great normals so don't try to unpunish poke too much.

    Remember, the goal is to oil up or knock him down. When you can, knock him down.


    Oil helps punish jumpins a lot more with parrying. Make sure you have that part of your game down. Oil really helps hakan control the spacing, which is something that Cody will try to do. Oil can help hakan keep control of the game with great dashes. Don't be afraid to just backdash and reset.

    Remember the Punishes:

    EX RK/all Zonks - c.mk
    EX CU - forward+mp
    RK - Rocket
    CU - c.lp -> lk oil dive

    Oil up after throws if he has meter, if not go for a slide wakeup.


    Use c.mk to punish EX Ruffian Kicks and Zonks
    Use lk oil dive or forward+mp to punish EX Criminal Upper
    Use c.lp -> to punish regular CU
    whiff mp after slide, j.mk crossup
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    Preferred Ultra: Ultra 1
    Slide Wakeup: Not Free
    Crossup j.hk: whiff mp
    Main Points: Watch his mixup game, keep him away if unoiled, use crossup hk

    If you don't know what you should do after a blocked special move, then you might have problems playing against Dan. In the right hands, Dan could be pretty scary at times. Overall, this is another matchup that Hakan shouldn't be too worried about but you need to know what to do.


    Uncrouchable Oil Dive Counters:
    Koryuken, Dankukyaku

    Both the (shoryuken) and the (hurricane kick) can punish an uncrouchable oil dive, so I wouldn't even go for it on post slide wakeup. You could try sneaking in one maybe after an oiled forward+hk with backdash into the dive, but this isn't a good move against Dan in general.

    Slide Wakeup Counters:

    The (shoryuken) stuffs it on reaction so this is another no-no. I wouldn't recommend using slide wakeup.

    Crossup j.hk counters:

    This is the move you should use on wakeup. lp (shoryuken) gets counterhit and other shoryukens whiff so you will have time to punish. (hurricane kick) also whiffs but not a lot of Dan players will use that against a jumpin on wakeup. Standard crossup applies.

    Stick with the crossup j.hk and oil up/safe jump on any other wakeups to bait out a move.


    Standard oiling applies. Dan can't reach you with Ultra after a backthrow. You can lk oil up after any rocket. Getting oil in this matchup is pretty easy.


    You can punish a blocked mp/hp/ex Dankukyaku with U1. The lp version is too fast. You only have a frame or two so make sure you get the reversal. After a blocked Dankukyaku and you don't have ultra, that leads into his mixup game. If you don't have ultra, you don't want him to be close to you. Just keep your distance and oil up any chance you get. Parrying kills his jumpin attacks. Use standing HP against jumpins or a hp Dankukyaku attempt from far away. You can also slide under his Dankukyaku or time it right for a punish. Just always be looking for a slide opening and go into crossup j.hk. Once you've trained Dan to not jump in at you with standing hp and parrying, you can start using Rocket more liberally.

    I really don't have to many problems against Dan. Occasionally you will get a guy who has mastered him, but just get into your usual Hakan routine. There's nothing really special you need to do to beat him. Get into your wakeup crossup, don't let him get in with his pseudo hurricane kick by swatting him away, and use Ultra 1.


    Reversal against mp/hp/ex Dankukyaku with U1
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    Preferred Ultra: Ultra 2
    Slide Wakeup: Free if no Meter
    Crossup j.hk: whiff mp, but easily punished by Jackknife
    Main Points: punish whiffed moves, oil up when possible, fwd+mp is your best friend

    DeeJay is a relatively easy matchup for hakan simply because U2 shuts down his jumpin wakeup game. Your play style will really depend on how the DeeJay plays. If Deejay is rushing you down, your normals will be able to handle DeeJay's normals. You can also catch his slow fireball with slide. If not, oil up and use FADNC. You want to try and bait out his Jackknife and punish it.

    Shoutouts to Realpolitix and Ultradavid for great information found in the matchup thread.


    Obviously keep in mind that you can always try to bait out that jackknife by just oiling up. Here are some other tricks you can do on wakeup. Don't use uncrouchable dives or crossup j.hk.

    Post Slide

    Slide wakeup:
    Jackknife and ex sobat will whiff so keep that in mind. Punish the Jackknife with oil dive. Deejay can get a Reversal by using EX Machinegun Upper.

    Jump over and meaty forward+mp:
    This will remove his horizontal charge, counter-hit his EX-MGU, and either duck under his up-kick reversal or hit it out of the air. This will whiff against a backdash, though.

    Post Dive

    LK oil and a well timed fwd+mp:
    This will duck under jackknife and beat the other specials. Watch for backdash. I really like this setup just because you get oil.

    Any other wakeup situation, just oil up. You could try going for a wakeup slide after an ex/hp rocket, but the timing must be perfect or the jackknife will hit.


    You can lk oil for free if you are full screen. If he tries to catch you with a Sobat, you will be able to punish. Standard oiling up rules apply.


    Deejay is going to try and get in on you one way or another. The two jump in moves he will use will be his command knee and his crossup j.mk. If you're unoiled, fwd+mp will beat both of these. Make Deejay frustrated by punishing his jumpins with this move. If oiled, you can parry without worrying about a reversal. After you stop his jump in attempts, he will probably switch to getting in my using special moves.

    Counter list for blocked specials:
    Sobat: c.lp -> lk dive
    Jackknife: oil dive or c.mk
    MGU: oil dive. For ex and you're oiled, rocket.

    Practice these punishes in training mode.

    After taking care of his jump in attacks and his specials, he'll start getting desperate and turn to Ultra. If he's using Ultra 1 or super, just Coward crouch under it and j.hk for a huge combo.

    Don't get overly aggressive when playing against Deejay or you could eat a Jackknife. Stop his jump in attacks, punish his blocked specials, use the wakeup tools listed, and be watch out for a desperate attempt for ultra. Play the game slow and mythodical. Just have patience and you will win this matchup.


    Punishing blocked specials
    Post dive lk oil -> fwd+mp
    post slide jump over -> fwd+mp
    stop jump ins with fwd+mp
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    Preferred Ultra: Ultra 1 (I'll explain)
    Slide Wakeup: Free (whiff c.mp instead of dash)
    Crossup j.hk: whiff mp, late hk
    Main Points: Zoning and Move Reactions are key, don't get frustrated and rush him, patience

    My opinion, Dhalsim is one of Hakan's toughest matchups. But then again, what do I know... I think a good C.viper is one of the toughest too. Step one when you play a Dhalsim match: don't give up already. Yes, it's a bad matchup, but don't start saying 'oh no, I'm screwed I can't do anything against a good Sim'. Dhalsim gets a lot of his wins simply because he makes the opponent frustrated and go into rage mode. Keep your cool and keep your reaction time sharp. Hakan actually has a lot of weapons against Dhalsim that most characters do not.

    (Special thanks to Liquigen and Ultradavid for content posted on forum)

    Why Ultra 1?

    Yes, you can catch an instant jump teleport with Ultra 2, but Dhalsim can bait out your ultra so easily. He can also just not use the instant jump and teleport in. Dhalsim loves to grab when close, which beats rockets. Grab does not beat Ultra 1. Even if Dhalsim uses DownForward+kicks and it hits, Hakan can punish with U1. It's also incredibly useful for slide game if Dhalsim tries to grab. I know it sounds crazy, but put away Ultra 2 for this matchup, Ultra 1 adds options for Hakan.


    You're going to get a few slides in, either EX under yoga fire or random slides. A lot of people just back away after getting a slide because Sim's wakeup is weird. Keep the pressure on.

    Post Slide Wakeup:

    Because of Dhalsim's weird wakeup timing, whiff a c.mp after the slide followup then slide. If he teleports or backdashes out, you can get him with rocket. If he blocks the move, it gets more complex. He will either go for the grab or teleport out. If he goes for the grab, your rocket/U1 will win. If he goes for the back teleport, you can slide again. Another thing to keep in mind is if you're oiled, try using EX dive. Just be sure to hold it a little longer if you see the teleport animation. Odds are he will go for the grab. Once you catch him with rocket a couple times, he might switch to teleport.

    Crossup j.hk:
    whiff mp and it's a late j.hk. You can also whiff mp and use j.mk. Dhalsim can always teleport out so if you go for this be sure to OS a slide. If Dhalsim has meter, he can counter with an EX Yoga Blast. I really like the slide wakeup, but if Dhalsim has no meter and you have the OS slide down, this isn't a bad move either.

    Uncrouchable oil dive:
    I don't like it because most of the time Dhalsim will want to teleport out and that would leave you very vulnerable. I think slide and crossup are better options.

    LK oil:
    Has two benefits: oil and tick throws. Poke him with fwd+lp after the oil. It will keep him from jumping out and if he blocks you can tick into u1/rocket.

    Other Wakeups:
    Oiled Fwd+HK:
    This is a realistic option from FADNC. I've been trying to find a move where Hakan can whiff and get into slide wakeup. A good one I found was whiffing standing lp into slide. Of course, this will vary with range, but it's a great setup for U1. Because the range isn't exact, going for a rocket with be risky if Dhalsim throws. You could also neutral jump afterwards and Dhalsim would whiff the throw or teleport out. Also, after a Fwd+Hk, you can lk oil up but you would be vulnerable to SUPER. If he has super, don't do this.

    I would recommend just oiling up for any other wakeups. (MK oil for dive, hk oil for throw, etc). FADNC is such a great tool in this matchup. Unless Dhalsim really sees the oil coming, you can also oil up from full screen. Just be ready to block. You could try baiting out a teleport by spamming down and pretending to oil up.


    The key to this matchup is positioning and reaction. At the start of the match, you can try a standing hp to try and swat away a poke. If not, just crouch block or back out and go full screen. You want to oil up and Dhalsim wants to prevent that. The good news is that it's very hard to stop you from oiling up. Get oil from full screen. Until you get oil, It's basically a push/pull game between the two of you. There are some things you can do to counter his moves in the meantime though.


    If you're unoiled, you want to be full screen and try to get oil. Dhalsim will get into his yoga fire game and poke game. Once you see the animation for yoga fire and you're outside half screen, close the gap. Dash forward or walk forward until one of the following occurs: Dhalsim has recovered or the fire is about to hit you. When you block the fireball, Dhalsim will either poke you or teleport in. The reason why you went forward is because if he teleports in, you will have recovered from blocking the fireball and you can swat away the teleport with a standing HP. If Dhalsim saw this coming and did an early teleport, make sure to stand up and block then he's right in on you. If you're inside half screen and you see the Yoga Fire animation, HP slide. If you're inside half screen, you should just be crouch blocking and waiting for Dhalsim to back up.

    When you see/hear the teleport and you're outside half screen, instantly go for standing HP. This should become habitual. If you're inside half screen and you see/hear the teleport, time a HP slide (same as before, you should be crouching and waiting for him to yoga fire or teleport. If you get pushed out by pokes, so be it). Work on the timing in training mode. If he teleports backwards or in front of you, he will be caught by slide. If he teleports behind you, you'll just counter with a standing HP and you won't slide.

    Know your ranges and know when to use which move. Just block the pokes and let them push you out. When you're far enough out, you can oil up and get into oiled strategy.


    Oil adds FADNC, which is a huge part of your strategy against Dhalsim. The above strategies are still great to use, but FADNC can get you in close. If your DNC fwd+hk didn't reach Dhalsim, activate rocket/U1. You can also FADNC his j.hp and knock him down with fwd+hk. Even though you're oiled, don't feel like you have to force a FADNC. Keep your cool and move in inch by inch.

    Dhalsim has amazing anti-air moves. I really think that jumping in against Dhalsim is a bad idea. Don't rely on jumping to get you in close. Using slide and FADNC are all you need to get in close.

    Use most of your meter for EX slide. The only other things I would use meter on would be an occasional EX oiled dive on slide wakeup or a slide FADC U1.

    Here's a summary of standing strategy:

    Use hp slide against Yoga fire and teleport, practice that timing against the teleport, stay crouched.
    unoiled - let the pokes push you out
    oiled - FADNC pokes into c.mk or fwd+hp and get into wakeup game


    use standing HP every time he uses teleport
    dash in on reaction to yoga fire, block the yoga fire and be ready to use standing HP if he teleports
    unoiled - be ready to oil up, mix in normals so it's not too obvious
    oiled - get in close by using FA, move forward with it.

    Slide wakeup after fwd+hk and slide followup
    crossup j.hk, OS slide
    within half screen, catching teleport with hp slide or if the teleport crosses up the slide will be standing HP
    standing HP every teleport outside half screen
    FADNC fwd+hk
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    Preferred Ultra: Ultra 1
    Slide Wakeup: Free if no Meter
    Crossup j.hk: whiff mp
    Main points: Don't let him jump in, stay oiled, punish blocked specials

    There are a lot of things you probably don't know about this matchup. For example, I didn't know if you slide wakeup and Dudley tries to reversal with a non-EX Jet Upper, the Jet Upper will be counterhit. The main goal of this matchup is to stay oiled, which is kind of a hard thing to do because of his range. Just know what to punish and when is a good time to oil. If you know those things and have a good wakeup game, this shouldn't be too much of a problem.


    Post Slide Wakeup:
    It can be countered by EX Jet Upper, Ultra, and Super. If he has meter, it will be risky to attempt it but Dudley might just use a lp jet upper which will be countered. If he has ultra/Super, don't attempt. Don't be too liberal with this wakeup move or Dudley will catch on and just EX upper repeatedly. If you see the 'reversal' and 'counterhit' on the slide, odds are he now knows that regular jet uppers don't work. He can also escape with a Thunderbolt but you can easily punish it.

    Uncrouchable Oil Dive:
    It can be countered by all Jet Uppers, Super, and Ultra. Again, don't attempt if he has super and ultra. Even though it can be stopped by jet upper, I think its a good mixup on occasion. Once you've trained him to not jet upper with slide wakeup, mix in one and get some oil. Not the best wakeup move but something different.

    Crossup j.hk:
    MGBs and Thunderbolts escape but you can punish. Jet uppers get counterhit. EX jet uppers, super, and ultra whiff. Because so many things whiff, be ready after the hk to punish, which is why i like to go into poke game after the hk so you have time to punish a whiff. This is a great tool for wakeup game, probably the best.

    Always stay on dudley on wakeup. Any other setups for uncrouchable oil dive are good as well, provided you've trained him not to jet upper.


    Forward throw: mk oil
    Back throw: don't oil
    lp rocket: mk oil
    hp rocket: lk oil


    Remember, the main goals in this matchup are to stay oiled and punish his specials. Every special that you block can be punished by Ultra 1.


    Obviously you want to get oiled. Don't let him get in on you. When you block a MGB, you're out of range for an unoiled grab, but there are other things you can do. If he jumps after a blocked MGB/short swing blow/duck, you can use lk oil dive and it will catch the jump. It's really just a guess, but watch his tendencies. Keep jumpins out with your AA. For EX MGB, there's 1 frame where you can c.mk. Aim for the knockdown and oil up or get into wakeup game. You gotta turtle a little bit if unoiled. You can always try to bait out an ex MGB by faking an oil up. Oil dive can also catch his Duck. Mixing in Dives can be very risky but I think it's a good tool against Dudley.

    You can block his overhead (hk) and punish with U1 if you get a reversal.


    You can now punish specials (except lp MGB and lk short swing blow) with rockets. You have the choice to go for oil or get into wakeup slide. Parry jumpins and try not to be too aggressive when you're both standing. You still want to turtle a little bit, but you have offensive options with oil.

    Honestly, I think Dudley isnt a horrible matchup but not a great one. Get into your rhythem and be careful when he has meter.


    reversal U1/Rocket/Dives
    c.mk punish an EX MGB
    crossup j.hk into pokes and punish whiffs
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    Preferred Ultra: Ultra 2
    Slide Wakeup: Free if no Meter
    Crossup j.hk: whiff mp (but there's a better option. See Wakeup Game)
    Main Points: Watch his meter, know what can be punished, patience

    I lot of people have trouble with Honda and sometimes I'm one of them. One of my SSF4 friends uses Honda as a main so I have good experience with Honda and I used to use Ultra 1. Then I saw a replay of Wildcat against Honda and I had to rethink about the matchup. I know it's just one match, but there's a lot you can take away from it. I'm gonna talk about the match later. Your wakeup game changes when he has meter so know when he has it. Know the punishes. For example, I think most people know you can punish blocked hp headbutt with hp slide. Lastly, be patient. EVERY MOVE THAT YOU MAKE NEEDS TO BE SETTING HONDA UP FOR SOMETHING GREATER.

    (Here's the link: Top Player Video Update: Wildcat815 "Time to Oil?Up!" - iPLAYWINNER - FIGHTING GAME NEWS STRATEGY & MEDIA )


    Remember that uncrouchable dives do not work against Honda's wakeup. Don't even try them.

    Post-Slide Wakeup:
    It's actually free when Honda has no meter. The only thing that can reversal it is EX-headbutt. The other headbutts get counterhit and buttslam (sumo smash) whiffs. Even if honda blocks it and then tries to headbutt, you can still grab with Rocket. But if Honda goes for buttslam after blocking the slide, it will hit your attempted rocket. If Honda starts catching on to this, switch to another wakeup move or just block after he blocks the slide. You can also U2 after the slide is blocked.

    You would normally whiff mp and go for j.hk but headbutts pose a real problem. Instead, whiff the mp and use j.mk. oddly enough, the buttslam still whiffs and j.mk counterhits the headbutt while still keeping him on the ground. After the mk, I would go into your poke game or try to catch honda with a c.mk. Remember that you cannot oil dive after a c.lp. This still get's beat by ex-headbutt though.

    The OS U2 setup:
    This is really good to use if Honda has meter and you have U2. This is the same setup that koufdell told us for Chun Li and actually Wildcat uses it in the matchup. After a slide, back up just a little bit and then jump forward with a j.hk. The hk will hit if Honda doesnt reversal. If he does, Hakan has time to block or you can OS in a U2 that will catch a reversal headbutt or buttslam.

    lk oil:
    This is another great way to bait out the reversal when he has meter. Just lk oil and odds are Honda will use a headbutt or buttslam. If he uses the buttslam, lvl 1 FA -> c.mk/fwd+mp -> slide. Use your usual judgment if you wanted to rocket after the oil. Note that if he gets a REVERSAL BUTTSLAM, IT ARMOR BREAKS. Keep your eyes peeled for a reversal and just block into oiled Rocket or U2 if u feel another Slam coming.

    The Double Jump:
    Instantly jump over Honda to erase his back charge then fwd jump over him again. Buttslam will whiff and if he jumps you can grab him with air throw.

    Other Wakeups:
    Jump and whiff a j.hk then block to try and get him to buttslam. Punish with an oiled Rocket.

    If Honda has no meter, go with the slide and crossup. If he does, try baiting out a reversal by oiling up or using the OS u2 setup. After you punish a couple reversals, you can be more liberal with your wakeup game when he has meter.


    Oil is key in this matchup. This is the one matchup I'm really looking forward to with AE changes. Stacking oil and poke combos into slide will help enormously.

    lk oil when you see a neutral jump and you're half screen or more. You see Honda walk forward from full screen, lk oil. Honda can get you with EX-Headbutt if you try to lk oil after a backthrow. lk oil after an EX/HP rocket to bait that EX headbutt out.

    The Wildcat (Hakan) vs terrychk (Honda) video:

    This is a great video to watch if you are having problems with Honda. Wildcat does an amazing job conditioning his opponent. For example, at the beginning of round 1, he jumps back and tries to oil but Honda catches him with hp headbutt. At the beginning of round 3, he jumps back again and doesn't go for the oil. Wildcat blocks the headbutt and punishes. Wildcat does a great job at baiting out the buttslam and punishes with a lvl 1 FA oiled combo.

    Notice how Wildcat oils up a lot. He's begging Honda to waste his meter with EX or go for a HP headbutt. He also uses fwd+mp a lot as an AA, to get in close, or get under a jumpin. fwd+mp beats his j.hp.

    Just watch the video (link near the top). It's a great match and a funny ending.


    Basically you are just waiting for honda to make a mistake and you keep trying to bait out his EX/HP headbutts with oils. You can also neutral jump and j.hk combo an EX-headbutt. Punish all HP headbutts with hp slide. If Honda tries to jump in, use fwd+mp as AA or duck under. Just be patient and try to sneak in a lk oil. Dare him to use headbutt.

    If he stops using HP headbutt, another tool you can use against his other headbutts is c.lp. You can also lk oil if it's a lp or mp, but not EX. You can follow the c.lp with lp slide and it's safe. backjump.mk is also a good tool. When moving forward and oiled, use fwd+lp to stop headbutts then dash forward and rocket while he air resets.

    When unoiled, just use FA on the down buttslam. When oiled use FA to combo into slide. Remember, REVERSAL BUTTSLAM BREAKS FA. You can also use fwd+lp, standing HP, or CC.

    Just block his hundred hands and don't worry about trying to punish. Just back out and get back into your gameplan. Hundred hands can be frustrating which is why you cannot block a jumpin attack. You need to use AA and don't let him get in.

    Just be ready to punish whatever he does and turtle. Don't get frustrated. After AE changes, this could be a pretty good matchup for Hakan.


    OS U2 setup
    post slide j.mk
    lvl 1 FA into slide combo
    FA buttslams
    fwd+mp AA
    lk oil tips
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    Preferred Ultra: Ultra 1
    Slide Wakeup: Free
    Crossup j.hk: back up a little bit then jump
    Main Points: Use backdash and CC, don't let his rush game frustrate you, aggressive wakeup game

    This can get really annoying against a good Elf player. Fortunately Hakan has some weapons against his wakeup shenannigans that most characters don't. FA and CC are excellent tools to use in this matchup. More good news is that your wakeup game against him is pretty solid. If he starts catching you when you're waking up, don't get frustrated and look for tendencies. When you got him knocked down, keep him down.


    Slide Wakeup:
    This is a great option because you can keep in slide wakeup and Elf has no way to counter this. Note that Guacamole whiffs. You can double slide to catch the whiff but the timing is pretty tight and that might mess you up if he doesn't use Guacamole. If he does lk guacamole, he's still in range for a rocket. He might start catching on by blocking and then using guacamole to make you miss. Keep that in mind.

    Also note that if he backdashes out of the slide wakeup, he can jump out of a rocket. If it's a meaty slide, he cannot backdash. If he starts backdashing and jumping out, use air throw

    Crossup j.hk:
    The whiff mp can work but the timing is tight and he can crouch under it. You can back up a little bit and time a j.hk. This takes practice in training mode but its another great tool. The Guacamole will get counterhit in the air causing a reset. The EX will still whiff though.

    Another thing you can do is go for the crossup j.hk using whiff mp. The Guacamole will whiff if he goes for it and if he doesn't you can U1 or throw after your j.hk whiffs. Your rocket might be stuffed by his throw though.

    Uncrouchable Oil Dives:
    Here are some setups courtesy of Nos99:
    Sweep > backdash > HK/EX-Dive
    Dive > dash > jump towards > whiff jump attack > land with LK-Dive
    Dive > jump towards > whiff LP/LK > HK/EX-Dive
    f+MP > MK/HK/EX-Dive
    c.LP > LK-Dive
    c.MK > MK-dive

    Other Setups:

    Oil dive > dash > backdash > j.RH (He can ex Guac so keep that in mind)
    Air throw > whiff s.MK > whiff s.MP > j.RH (He can crouch out of it)

    The Slide has higher reward but it's risky to try and punish a whiff Guacamole. It has quick recovery so watch out for an Ultra after a whiff.


    Backthrow - You can get punished by a reversal Super if you lk oil. You should have time to block a dash attack
    forward throw - hk safe


    When Elf is putting wakeup pressure on you and you're unoiled, backdash is my main defensive weapon. Backdash can get out of Tostada Press, Fajita Buster, and Calamari Slide which are the 3 basic choices for wakeup. Note that he can change up the timing so be able to backdash on reaction, which isn't too hard after some practice. You can actually time a lk oil dive to grab Tostada Press and Fajita Buster IF IT CROSSES UP and you can rocket the Calamari Slide. If you're oiled, you can rocket all three after a backdash and DNC a lp or you can just get out with backdash. Just watch out for the stop into super/ultra.

    You can also use Coward Crouch and stay in blocking position to block a Calamari Slide. You have to do a late CC though. Late enough so you're still crouching if he goes for the Buster but early enough to dodge the Press. Sometimes the CC won't work if he times it perfectly, so I'd stay with backdash to get out


    Oil helps out a lot in this matchup so try to get some whenever possible, which can be difficult when he's rushing you down. stay crouched and use CC when you're both standing or if you excellent with the timing you can backdash. Try to catch him running around with a well timed slide if he's abusing it, but if you're unoiled you will be playing defensively. Try not to jump too much because he has a lot of weapons against you when you're in the air. Once oiled, this adds backDNC and parrying.

    Play defensively, get your reaction times down for CC and backdash, look for Slide openings, try to get oil if he's not rushing you down, and have an aggressive wakeup game. BE MINDFUL OF HIS ULTRA

    BackDNC elf's wakeup game with lp into rocket
    CC and backdash timing on Elf's wakeup game
    post slide crossup by backing up a little
    slide wakeup timing on whiffed Guacamoles
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    Preferred Ultra: Ultra 2
    Slide Wakeup: Free
    Crossup j.hk: whiff mp
    Main points: Aggressive wakeup game, Use CC, mix it up

    I've played a few good Fei Longs online before and if you have a good mixup game, this can be in your favor. You really need to know when and when not to punish. Coward Crouch is a great tool to use, which I will go in detail below. Also, have an aggressive wakeup game and be prepared to punish whiffed moves.


    If you know what to do, you can get a lot of damage in against Fei Long in wakeup. He wants to use Shienkyaku (backwards shoryuken kick) and you can train him to not use it on wakeup, setting up for rockets or dives.

    Post-Slide Wakeup:
    Fei Long has no counter to this but both Shienkyaku and Rekkukyaku will whiff on reversal. The good news is that for the Shienkyaku, Fei Long will drop right next to you. Also for the Rekkukyaku, you can have enough time to react with another slide. Practice punishing this whiffs in training mode.

    crossup j.hk:
    Another decent wakeup move. The Shienkyaku will whiff but the Rekkukyaku does not. You have enough time to block which leads into his mixup game, where you don't want to be. You can OS a U2 for the j.hk to catch a backdash or the Rekkukyaku. Watch his tendencies before you try this. If he's going for reversals or backdashes a lot, this is a great move.

    Uncrouchable oil dive:

    It's beaten by both moves but, after abusing slide and crossup, it could be used if he's now scared to use them.

    Other Wakeups:

    Fwd+hk backdash Dive:
    It's risky but it might catch him off guard. I would really be worried about the Rekkukyaku but it is an option. The same can be said for air grab -> lk oil -> lk dive.

    I would abuse the slide wakeup and catch his whiffs. Then when you have ultra 2, try going for the crossup j.hk with OS u2.


    Standard oiling up applies. lk oil is safe from full screen. Could even sneak in a mk oil from a back throw if he doesnt reversal ultra/super and EX Rekkukyaku only get the last hit.


    I think this is a matchup where coward crouch is a great tool. Coward crouch gets under all of his specials except Tenshin. It also gets under his super and ultra. (I have saved film where we're both close to losing and i just dash up when he's getting up and I CC, hilarious). CC is very useful with stopping Rekkukyaku pressure when you're both standing. You can do it on reaction and if you spaced properly, he can be UNOILED punished with rocket before he jumps or Shienkyaku. Practice this with various distances in training mode.

    I mainly use it on Rekkukyaku because you can use it on reaction. Watch out for Tenshin if you overabuse this move. Also works great against dash up Ultras/Supers/specials.


    You don't want him to get close to you with his Rekkukyaku and jump in pressure. Use your standard AA against his jumpins and use CC on reaction to his Rekkukyaku.

    Also watch out for Shienkyaku into FADC. DO NOT ROCKET AFTER THE FADC. It's tempting but he'll get you with a Rekkukyaku, which is what most Fei Longs will do after FADCing. What you can do though is reversal lk oil dive. It will catch the Rekkukyaku. Just be careful after connecting it once because next time he might change to a throw or another shienkyaku.

    When unoiled, just play defensively. Hakan has a lot of opportunities to oil up against Fei Long so don't get too aggressive without oil. Once oiled, you can punish blocked Rekkakens with Rockets or you can parry them.

    Just remember what to do against his pressure moves. Keep him out and take your time until your oiled. Once you knock him down, go crazy. Overall this matchup is a good one for Hakan and shouldn't be too hard if you know what to do.


    OS u2 on crossup j.hk
    punishing whiffed reversals on slide wakeup
    CC on reaction to Rekkukyaku
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    Preferred Ultra: Ultra 1 / ultra 2 (personal preference)
    Slide Wakeup: Not Free
    Crossup j.hk: whiff mp
    Main points: Don't be fooled into using rocket, dont let him jump in

    The main problem with this matchup is that it's a rarity so you never play it and you don't really know how Gen is played. Just know what you can punish on block and what to do on wakeup. If he's using a lot of Oga attacks, use U2. If he's using more rolling attacks, use U1.


    Slide Wakeup:

    I read somewhere that it might be free but Gen can get a reversal up-kick with lk or EX. The others whiff. If he starts using reversals, switch to another move.

    Crossup j.hk:
    the up-kicks will whiff and the other moves will be counterhit. Great setup to go to if he's doing a lot of reversals on wakeup. If the up-kicks whiff, he will still be relatively close to you so it's an easy punish.

    Uncrouchable oil dives:

    Up kicks and Oga counter it. If you train him to not reversal on wakeup, it could be a good move. Standard oil dive setups apply.


    On back throw, note that he can use U1 if you lk oil. If he has no ultra, you're safe from full screen.

    Rolling Attack:
    You CANNOT rocket if you block so don't try. What you can do though is use U1 if you block. If you don't have U1, he might follow it up with an up-kick so keep that in mind.

    There are so many variations and way he can use it, it might be hard to AA. If he's coming in from the side though, use fwd+mp. Use CC to get out of this but when you get back up, you're both back to neutral. He might jump or use up kick so be careful. It's risky to do a U2 because he might bait you out. This is an armor breaking move by the way so don't FA

    As you can see, it's hard to punish his moves without U1 so don't be fooled by his specials.


    You want to be in wake up as much as possible.

    When you're standing, don't let him jump in on you. Use standing hp to swat away jumpins when you are unoiled.

    When you are oiled, parrying is key.

    You want to oil up any chance you get. If Gen is using reversals on slide wakeup, then just oil up when you get rockets. Parrying is a big weapon against Gen.

    When he knocks you down, he might go for the crossup kick. If he goes for this, you can walk forward to get out of it.

    I've never played a great Gen player so there's not much I can truly write about because I just don't know.

    Liquigen played Gen a little bit for me though so I got some idea of what to do, but if anyone has anything advanced to add, just post in the other thread and I'll add it. Basically just played your usual game and don't get suckered into reversal rocket after blocking a rolling attack or oga.


    Using CC against Oga
    U1, not rocket, blocked rolling attacks
    know Gen's crossup ranges
    Look over WAMO
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    Preferred Ultra: Ultra 2
    Slide Wakeup: Free
    Crossup j.hk: whiff mp
    Main points: Watch out for his back throw with Ultra, U2 his hyakkishu, Use Oil Dive Setups

    Throws are a weakness for Hakan and Gouken wants to use his backthrow to get into Ultra. Your slide wakeups need to be perfect so he won't have enough time to get off a throw. I prefer U2 in this matchup because it totally shuts down his Hyakkishu pressure, much like Akuma's similar move. If he's not using Hyakkishu at all, then switch to U1.


    Slide Wakeup:

    Gouken has no answer for this. All of his moves get counterhit and ex hurricane kick whiffs so he's wide open for U2. The main thing to remember is to make sure the timing is perfect because he will look for a back throw, which if not timed right will beat rocket. This is still your best move on wakeup. Still gets beat by super/ultra

    Crossup j.hk:
    Gouken has a lot of options against this move. He can reversal hurricane kick or he can use Kongoshin to parry the attack. It's very risky to do a crossup j.hk, so I wouldn't recommend using it too much.

    Uncrouchable oil dives:
    Dives are actually pretty useful in this matchup. It grabs most reversals. The only thing that it won't grab is EX Tatsumaki Gorasen (hurricane kick). Here are some setups for Gouken to get into oil dive:

    HP Oil Rocket -> f+MP -> LK Oil Dive (NOTE: This is not the standard setup, its unique)
    slide followup -> whiff HP -> HK Oil Dive
    slide followup -> Hold jump -> LK Oil Dive on Landing
    Crouching HK -> dash forward -> HK Oil Dive
    Air Throw -> LK Oil -> LK Oil Dive
    Oil Dive -> whiff MP -> jump over -> LK Oil Dive

    He might start catching on with backdash, so keep that in mind and use a delayed Oil Dive.

    Stick with Oil Dives and Slide Wakeups. When he has ultra/super, be conservative with your slides.


    On Back throw, lk oil. Reversal EX Senkugoshoha will get the first hit but miss the second and you can Rocket. If he does HP Senkugoshoha, rocket after the oil is done and it will grab him.

    From full screen and if he guesses right, he can get your lk oil with HP Senkugoshoha. If blocked, oiled Rocket will reach.


    Basically you want to go for the knockdown any chance you get. With regular throws, oil up. Remember the Oil Dive setups for each knockdown and go for it.

    Jumping in can be risky against Gouken. He has pretty good anti-airs and his parry hit move is good. Even excessive poking will get risky if you don't mixup the pokes. The good news is that slide will go right through it.

    Oil helps a lot with parrying and a good backdash. Just take your time and look for openings with slide. Once in wakeup game, keep him there as long as possible.

    When unoiled, punish blocked Running Palms and demon flip slide with c.lp into dive. The timing with EX running Palm is tight so practice that in training mode.

    Overall this matchup is pretty solid if you know what you're doing. Punish blocked specials, stay in wakeup game, look for smart opportunities for slide but watch out for baiting because he might Ultra the slide in. Keep a cool head and wait for him to make a mistake.


    U2 on reaction to the Demon Flip
    The listed Oil Dive Setups
    Punishing blocked EX running palm with c.lp into dive
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    Preferred Ultra: Ultra 1
    Slide Wakeup: Loses to flashkick.
    Crossup j.hk: whiff mp, j.rh OR step forward, whiff s.lp crossup j.rh
    Main Points: Your main goal in this matchup is to get in on Guile and stay there. Luckily, Hakan has an easier time breaking through Guile's wall then other grapplers.

    This matchup seems to be even for Hakan. With all of Hakan's tools, such as dnc, slides, etc, he has a much easier time breaking through booms to reach Guile. As soon as you get a KD on Guile, he of course suffers hard. Mainly things to watch out for include backfists, surprise jumps, ex booms, and reversal flashkicks.


    Guile's wakeup is pretty lackluster. As soon as you get a KD, be it slide or not, setup a safejump.

    From slide, you can setup a crossup:
    -extremely small step, s.lp/s.lk, j.rh behind his head. This will avoid flashkicks as well.

    Aside from this, if you aren't confident enough in your skills to crossup, you can play it safe and go for the tried and true s.mp whiff. Options after s.mp:

    J.rh (head level)
    -avoids flashkicks
    -can setup a non-reversable blockstring (no charge)
    --S.lk/s.lp, s.lp/s.lk, s.lp/s.lk dash in 360, etc
    --S.lk tick 360
    J.rh (deep as possible)
    This is the same setup I have up for Balrog.
    -Uncrouch DDT.
    -EX/HP 360.
    -Note: Some of the time I have gotten reversal flashkicked out of this; other times not. After spending time in the lab I am still unsure of the circumstances. You may wish to look into this on your own.

    Aside from j.rh stuff, you could also just keep it oily with a lk oil. This would allow you to get back in easier provided he escapes, but it isn't as threatening.

    Uncrouchable Oil Dive counters:

    Flashkick, backdash, etc


    Back Throw - lk oil. Guile can hit you with an EX boom, however.
    Forward throw - hk oil.
    Full Screen - lk oil.


    When you're unoiled, the matchup is pretty stagnant. IF you like, you could sneak in a lk oil inbetween the booms to help out a bit; of course, it is generally better to just bulldog your way through, keeping middish distance from Guile.

    Guile has a problem at midrange vs most characters; he has no real good options here. It's out of range for most attacks, he won't have an upcharge for flashkick (meaning focus is viable), and he'll mainly be sniping booms. From here you have a few options.

    -Psychic slides under booms. Pretty risky, big reward.
    -Focus some booms.
    -Jump on reaction to boom.
    --Why you ask? "But man, Guile be antiairin my jumpins, what da fuck you want me to do dat fo"
    ---Well, due in part to Hakan's short jump, his j.mk hitbox, and Guile's hurtboxes, Guile simply can't AA Hakan at a certain distance. IF you do the j.mk at the peak of your jump, c.fp, flashkick, etc, are all stuffed. This, on reaction to a boom, effectively grants you a free jumpin.

    Aside from this position, at fullscreen you should try and advance forward; oiling up or bulldogging it.

    Close range, you should not let Guile bully you with anything. Be it on wakeup, a jumpin, whatever, make him pay with an EX 360, smart techs, what have you. Basic stuff.


    Mainly, it's the same as unoiled. Except now, fadncing sonic booms is an option, and a great way to get in. Aside from the standard oiled stuff, like improved tick throws setups, safe slides (with fadnc c.lk), the matchup doesn't change much. Just keep in mind, you can EX Slide through an EX boom on reaction (range dependent of course)


    J.rh crossup
    J.rh uncrouch DDT
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    Preferred Ultra: Ultra 2
    Slide Wakeup: Loses to lk and mk hurricane kick, hk and EX whiff
    Crossup j.hk: whiff mp (Guy is one of those characters with a standard getup so all the standard ones work)
    Main Points: use Fwd+mp, Oil is key, train him to be afraid of U2

    Guy can be a handful at times. He has some good weapons to get out of your wakeup game and an aggressive Guy is
    pretty tough to stop once he gets going. Using fwd+mp will help stop his elbow drops. Don't be afraid to just oil up on wakeup from time to time. You want him to fear the U2.


    Your wakeup game against Guy comes with risk. If he knows the matchup really well, don't be ashamed to just oil up after a knockdown.

    Slide wakeup:
    Guy can beat this with lk and mk Bushin Senpukyaku (hurricane kick up). Once he uses this, just don't even bother trying and move to something else. If he's blocking the slide wakeup, then this can setup a lot of things. Don't be afraid to use a rocket afterwards because if he jumps or hurricanes out then this will pay dividends later when you mix it up with U2.

    Crossup j.hk:

    If Guy crouches, stays neutral, or walks forward, then the j.hk will whiff. Keep that in mind of you go for this, you can OS a rocket. Interestly, the lk/mk/hk hurricane kicks get counterhit but the EX will hit you. You can also use the os u2 setup

    Uncrouchable Oil Dives:
    All basic setups work on Guy. It gets beat by hurricane kicks and some Hozantos. If guy isn't crouching or jumping, then the Dive will work. So many things beat it so I wouldn't use it that much.

    Guy has ways to get out of every setup. Stick with the crossup j.hk and test him out with a wakeup slide if you want to do wakeup. Otherwise, get oil.


    forward throw - HK oil
    Back throw - LK oil

    basically the standard oiling rules apply.


    There are two things that I like to do against the elbow drop pressure. The main one that I use is fwd+mp. It lowers your hit box and connects with the elbow drop before it can hit you. Even the fast hp ones will trade if you're a little slow. It can also whiff, setting you up for a rocket, u2, or air throw.

    Another tool that can be useful after he gets used to you using fwd+mp is air throw or j.mp. It will mess with his timing after he's used to the fwd+mp and you can catch him off guard. Stick with the fwd+mp at the beginning then try jumping.


    After you've punished the Elbow drop enough, he'll start using other ways to get in. The next one will be the run mixup. Against the Shadow Kick, you can either use rocket and get hk oil or you can c.mk into slide. Against the Neck Flip, if oiled you can rocket. You can also try c.lp into a dive, but he can jump out.

    Another trick you can use against his Run mixups is fwd+mp. A well timed fwd+mp will counterhit all three setups, even the Shadow Kick. He can also change up the timing to take this into account so don't try to go for it too much.

    Oil is pretty great in this matchup. You can punish Dashing Elbows with an oiled Rocket but NOT LP. Oil really helps give you control of spacing which is a huge part of Guy's game.

    Play some U2 mindgames. Really watch his play style and look for tendencies and openings for U2. I usually use U2 on obvious elbow drops, slide wakeups and slide FADCs. Remember that he has a wall jump so be careful when you are in a corner.

    This can be tough but after practicing your timing against his moves, you should be able to stop him from getting in and taking control.

    fwd+mp elbow drops
    slide wakeup U2, slide fadc U2, OS u2 on wakeup
    counterhit Runs with fwd+mp
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    Preferred Ultra: Ultra 1
    Slide Wakeup: loses to EX Slide. Ultra and ex Rocket whiff.
    Crossup j.hk: whiff mp
    Main Points: maximize punishment damage, know how to stop the shenannigans, be unpredictable

    Ahh, the mirror match. I really think after the AE changes are out that this will be a lot more common than it is right now. I prefer U1 because a whiffed rocket or a bad slide can be punished with it. Know how you can get out of Hakan's wakeup game. Try to bait out that rocket as much as you can.


    The good news is that you know a lot of what he wants to do. The bad news is that he knows a lot of what you want to do.

    Slide wakeup:
    Hakan cannot reversal rocket or U1 on slide wakeup, but he can EX slide. Be conservative with your slides in general. One bad slide and you will eat a rocket or at worst a U1. You have to slide a little bit later than usual.

    Crossup j.hk:
    To get out of the crossup j.hk, Hakan can EX rocket, which is a great tool to use against the jumpin.

    Uncrouchable Oil Dives:

    Oil Press -> Empty Vertical Jump -> LK Oil Dive
    HP Oil Rocket-> f+MP -> HK Oil Dive

    You can Super out by using mk if he goes for a dive setup. If you get the timing down perfectly, you can backdash the dive, instantly neutral jump, and right when you land activate U1. It's tight but possible.

    The point of this section is to know how to get out of his wakeup moves. If Hakan has meter, just oil up or go for a dive/mistimed dive.


    Backthrow - Hakan can reach you with HP slide, don't oil up
    forward throw - HK oil safe
    full screen isn't safe


    Basically you are waiting for Hakan to make a mistake. Use your slides sparingly, it's such an easy punish. The main goal is to make him whiff a rocket. He's so wide open after that. Watch his tendencies for patterns. I try not to use Rocket too much. Just turtle and wait for him to get greedy.

    Every jumpin attempt he makes, you should swat it away with standing HP. If he gets an empty jump U1, something is wrong.

    Oil can help a lot with extended range, but most hakan players will see this coming and jump after a couple pokes.

    What you can do is instead of using rocket, use LK Dive and catch him in the air going up.

    C.lp into lk dive is also a good tool. Hakan cannot jump out or crouch down.

    If he slides and FADCs forward, you can reversal rocket or use U1. Make sure it's a reversal or you might eat a U1.


    Know how to get out of his wakeup stuff
    pokes into lk dive to catch a jump
    c.lp hit into lk dive
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    Preferred Ultra: Ultra 2
    Slide Wakeup: Loses to EX Raida and EX Kazegirl, free if no meter
    crossup j.hk: whiff mp
    Main points: Aggressive wakeup, use U2 wisely, take mental notes of tendencies

    Ibuki can give you a lot of trouble if she gets into her wakeup game. Luckily U2 can stop her knife shenannigans. She also has ways to bait it out so only use it in certain situations. She has poor stamina so a couple wakeup connections will really turn the game around. Watch her tendencies and try to figure out which move is her 'go to' move.


    Slide Wakeup:

    Great tool if Ibuki doesn't have meter. Kazegirl gets counterhit by the slide. She can EX kazegirl or EX Raida to get a reversal and since EX Kazegirl is a go to move for most Ibuki players I wouldn't try sliding if she has meter.

    Crossup j.hk:

    if she does nothing or crouches, the hk will whiff. If she goes forward, it will hit. If she goes backward, it will block. Kazegirl will get counterhit and EX Kazegirl will whiff. She can also Kasumi Gake out. This will usually be the best option for wakeup. Start by j.hk into pokes just to see what her tendencies are. You can also use c.lp into lk dive, Ibuki can't crouch but she can jump or Kazegirl. Watch if it counterhits, which means she probably went for a Kazegirl. What you do after the j.hk really depends on Ibuki's tendencies.

    Uncrouchable oil dive:
    It's not great to use on slide wakeup but these two setups might catch her off guard:

    Oiled f+HK -> Back dash -> MK Oil Dive
    Crouching HK -> f+LK -> MK Oil Dive


    Ibuki can reach you on reaction with Neck Breaker from full screen so try to bait it out.

    Forward throw: She can get a hk oil with EX Neck Breaker.
    Back throw: She can get a lk oil with Neck Breaker. Don't oil.


    If you don't have U2 and she knocks you down, she'll get into her Kunai crap. Just hold back and it should block the knife. Watch what she does after a blocked knife. You can get a rocket in if she doesnt Kazegirl or jump. Watch for tendencies.

    Neck Breaker is high risk high reward for her. It gets her into her wakeup game but easily punished on block. Keep that in mind and low block. You can either Rocket and get oil or c.mk slide to get into wakeup. I prefer c.mk

    Energy grab CAN BE BLOCKED. A lot of people don't know that. It can be punished by a c.mk slide.

    Oil can help by parrying the knife if you're really good at FAs while getting up, but Oil isn't really a huge deal in this matchup. The main goal is to get Ibuki to do something stupid and you block and punish. A blocked special (EXCEPT Tsumuji) should be punished EVERY SINGLE TIME.


    post slide -> slide again -> U2

    Blocked Kazegirl - U2 (when blocking the EX, wait a little bit then U2, she can delay her fall with Kunai.

    After a sweep and she instantly jumps, get rdy to U2. DO NOT hit the kicks until you see her throw a knife. She's trying to bait you if she doesn't throw Kunai. Reversal rocket should do the trick.


    Oil Dive setups
    Knowing when to U2 and when she's trying to bait it out
    blocked Kazegirl -> U2
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    Preferred Ultra: Ultra 2
    Slide Wakeup: Beat by EX Pinwheel, free if no meter
    Crossup j.hk: whiff mp
    Main Points: Play Defensively, know how to punish her moves, Patience

    This isn't too bad of a matchup if you know how to deal with her specials once you block them. Deal heavy damage when you're in wakeup mode. Oil isn't mandatory in this matchup so go for dealing damage instead of opportunities to oil. Patience and defensive play will cause Juri to become frustrated and she will make stupid decisions to try and get in on you.


    Slide Wakeup:

    The slide will beat regular Pinwheels and Fuhajin, but will be beat by EX Pinwheel. Only use if she doesn't have meter.

    Crossup j.hk:

    It dodges all Pinwheels, goes over Kasatushi, and counterhits Fuhajin. Great move to use. One interesting thing to note is that she can neutral jump out so be careful if she starts doing that.

    OS U2:
    Back up a bit after the slide followup and j.hk. You can OS a U2 if she goes for pinwheel.

    Uncrouchable Oil Dive:

    If the player abuses lk pinwheel, Dive will catch it. It will not catch mk, hk or EX.

    Dive setup:
    HP Oil Rocket -> f+MP -> LK Oil Dive

    I prefer using the crossup method if she has meter and slide if she doesn't. I throw in a couple Dives now and then to mix it up if she's realized she can't reversal on wakeup.


    Backthrow: lk oil safe
    forward throw: hk oil safe
    Full screen: lk oil safe if tried to punish on reaction


    The basic strategy is to just play it slow. Don't rush in on Juri and wait for her to try something. Know how to counter each attack.

    Shikusen: It's very easy to punish if she goes for the 3rd strike. If it's just one hit, it's a lot harder. It's armor breaking so you can't use FA. You can choose to block it and hope that Juri goes for three hits or you can stop it before the attack touches you. There are two ways to do this. Using AA moves like standing HP and fwd.mp are really hard because she can mix it up with just a regular jumpin and mess up your timing. Use Coward Crouch to dodge the attack. You can poke her afterwards. You can also jump forward and use j.mp into a combo or U2. If Juri is jumping in any direction, remember that she can use this move.

    Pinwheel: It's tight, but you can punish with a c.mk into slide. WAMO says you can't punish a blocked LK pinwheel but I can c.mk in training mode. For HK and EX, you can also use lk Dive. Against the EX, it might push you out a little too far for c.mk to reach, but you can use fwd.mp to get the slide combo. ALL BLOCKED PINWHEELs SHOULD BE PUNISHED. If the c.mk is too tight for you against lk pinwheel, go for c.lp into dive, but she can jump out.

    Fireball: Don't be tricked into trying to catch her with oiled ex slide from full screen. She can recover and block. If she's abusing fireballs, just oil up and inch closer. Just watch out for a jumpin attack or Shikusen.

    When she activates Ultra, just back out and block. She'll expect you to try and rocket so be conservative.

    Just punish her moves and she'll become impatient and try to force things. Once she does, get her into your post slide wakeup and deal some heavy damage. Don't be afraid to try slide wakeup -> U2. Just play defensively and wait for your moment to strike.


    Punish lk/mk pinwheel with c.mk slide
    work on reaction timing against Shikusen.
    OS U2
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    Preferred Ultra: Personal Preference, I usually use U2
    Slide Wakeup: Beat by all Shoryukens, not free
    Crossup j.hk: whiff mp
    Main Points: Focus Attacks and DNCs are huge, Defend with unoiled, don't let Ken get close

    This can get kind of annoying. Ken's normals are really good and his shoryukens shuts down a lot of your wakeup games. You have to beat Ken by using Focus attacks and oiling up. Also, get as much damage in as you can with the crossup j.hk. Let him be the aggressor, at full screen you can get oil. Keep him away from you until you get oil then you gain the advantage.


    Slide Wakeup:

    Not good against Ken. Unless your opponent is horrible at reversals, you shouldn't use this on wakeup. Easily punished.

    Crossup j.hk:

    This is the go-to move against Ken. lp shoryuken gets crossup hit and stays on the ground. mp/hp/ex shoryuken whiff. If he blocks the j.hk, he can catch you with a lp shoryuken before you have time to use c.mk so it might be wise to poke after a blocked j.hk.

    OS U2:

    THe OS U2 is also a pretty good weapon against Ken. You just back up a bit after the follow up and do a j.hk forward. If he goes for shoryuken, it'll catch.

    Uncrouchable Dives:

    The basic setups for Uncrouchable dives all work on Ken, but beware of shoryuken. Throwing in a Dive here and there after a non-slide knockdown would be okay, but I'd stick with the cross j.hk after slide.

    As you can see, the crossup j.hk is really the only safe weapon you have against Ken on wakeup. Don't forget you can always oil up into reset/rocket. If he starts catching on to the crossup j.hk stuff, just oil up.


    Full screen is lk oil safe, backthrow is lk oil safe, forward throw is hk oil safe. It's all good for Hakan here.


    U1: You can reversal any blocked Hurricane Kick with U1, just hold back and not down-back. You can parry, poke, U1

    U2: Totally shuts down his jumpin wakeup game. You can add OS U2 to your wakeup options.

    Your preference, but I usually just duck under the hurricane kicks and punish with a sweep into either instant forward safejump throw/block or dash forward hk Dive.


    First, you gotta stop his jumpins. Here's a tip on how to do that. The two main air attack will be j.mk or a hurricane kick. Once you see Ken reach the peak of his jump, hit HP. It'll get both of them. The j.hk will either hit him or trade. Another thing you can do is use j.mp. If Ken tries to use the crossup j.mk, it will be a delayed mk, giving you an opening for j.mp.

    Next thing to stop is his footsie game. If he can't jump in, he'll use his fwd.mk to get in close. If Ken is a little inside 1/2 screen walking towards you, use fwd.mk or fwd.mp to poke him. If he's closer, try to time a FA and if you're unoiled, dash back. (Oiled, use DNC). Use your long pokes to keep him away. Ken will then turn to his Hurricane kicks. Just remember that you can duck under them.

    Really work on your FADNC game. FA works great against an obvious fwd.mk. With oil you can get a slide combo. You can also FA a lp Shoryuken. Don't dash cancel and hit him in the air then dash forward and U2. A lot of Kens like to use lp shoryuken on wakeup.

    The double lp shoryuken can get annoying. Watch ken's feet. Right before the feet hit the ground, hit c.mk.


    counter lp shoryuken with c.mk before he gets a 2nd shoryuken
    FA a lp shoryuken into U2
    If using U1, block Hurricane kicks and get U1 reversal
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    M. BISON

    Preferred Ultra: U1
    Slide Wakeup: Beat by EX Double Knee and EX Psycho Crusher, Free if no meter
    Crossup j.hk: whiff mp
    Main Points: Don't let him get in, Watch his tendencies on wakeup, stop his specials

    Just play it defensively and punish his specials. Knowing how to stop his moves will help you with this matchup.


    Slide Wakeup:
    It's free if Bison has no meter, but Bison can teleport out, Head Press out, or Devil Reverse out. Be ready to slide again but watch out if its a Devil reverse.

    Crossup j.hk:
    It counterhit crossups normal Double Knees and Psycho Crushers and the EX versions whiff so keep the crossup hit in mind. Bison can mistime his EX Knees or Crusher so it's not a reversal and you will have to block. Again, he can teleport out, Head Press out, or Devil Reverse out. If he usually teleports out, OS a slide with the j.hk. If he uses Head press, just wait for him to fall in front of you and time a rocket. If he uses Devil Reverse, be ready to FA the hit or DC if he runs away.

    Uncrouchable Oil Dive:
    It's actually pretty effective in this matchup. Any reversal special that isn't EX will be grabbed. EX can still beat it though. He can also mistime his Devil Reverse or Head Press to get out. He can also teleport back and can punish you.

    It just really depends on the type of Bison player you are playing. If he uses teleport reversals, crossup and OS a slide. If he uses wakeup specials, use the Dive. No meter, Slide is good. You just gotta figure out what his go-to move is against wakeup attacks then use the best tool designed to beat it.


    Back Throw: Can be beat by psycho crusher, dont oil up
    Forward Throw: HK oil can be caught by the last hit of hk double knee but not crusher.
    Full Screen: If you make an obvious oil attempt, he can catch you with crusher. Try to bait it out by spamming crouch.


    First step is to stop his devil reverse and his head press. Airthrow gets beat so don't use that. Standing HP is good most of the time but sometimes it will trade. instant j.mp can trade sometimes and devil reverse will dodge and punish you. Right now your best option is standing HP AA. There is another option that beats Head Press and devil reverse: neutral jump lp. Once you see the jump in the air, neutral j.lp. It will poke Head press out and if he uses Devil Reverse you can land and FA it before he can hit you (DNC after your FA hits if oiled, backdash if unoiled). You neutral jump so the devils reverse won't crossup your FA.

    Now he'll probably get frustrated and use crushers, scissor kicks, and his sweep so be prepared to block low:

    The sweep is easy to punish with a rocket or c.mk. If it's from far away, just use rocket.

    If the Crusher goes through you, punish it with c.mk into slide. If the crusher didn't go through you, it was probably a lp Crusher and punish it with Rocket/U1.

    Lk Scissor kick gives people trouble. After the scissor kick, Bison will usually do another lk scissor kick, standing HK, or Crusher. If he's up close enough to get hit by a c.lp, do that. It will either hit him or you'll still be in block stun and you'll block the 2nd attack. If he's too far away, just keep blocking because the HK can counterhit you or can try to catch his standing HK with a slide. Don't try a slide when he's close though. There's no shame in just blocking, but watch out for the walk up throw. You could try going for a lk dive after a c.lp but he can jump out (cannot crouch out though).

    A note about U2: you can airthrow it so just jump when he activates it from a distance. He can adjust the distance and still get you so if he's close to you, it can be risky. Just block it if it's close. If he's far away, jump away and grab.


    Punishing Crushers discussed above
    OS slide in a j.hk
    c.lp after a lk scissor kick
    neutral j.lp into FA against HP/DR
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    Preferred Ultra: U1
    Slide Wakeup: Beat by EX Oroshi, free if no meter
    Crossup j.hk: whiff mp
    Main points: FA and airthrows are key, don't fall asleep and watch out for resets, take advantage of oil

    One of the few "favorable" matchups for Hakan (I think there's more, just saying). FAs and airthrows will come in handy against her jump in attacks. After a grab, watch out for resets and crossups. It's hard to get oil in this matchup so take advantage of the little oil available to you.


    Slide Wakeup:

    It counterhits all forms of Hayate and Karakusa. The only thing that beats your slide is EX Oroshi. I don't think I've ever been countered with this move yet but I haven't played any top tier Makoto players. Just keep the EX Oroshi in mind when doing this.

    Crossup j.hk:
    If Makoto hold down, it will hit. If Makoto holds back, it will block. If makoto walks forward or stay neutral, you will whiff. If she jumps, you will hit her in the air. Normal Oroshi and All Hayates get counterhit. EX Oroshi and all Fukjage whiff giving you time to punish. Just watch out for the walk forward and neutral. Risky, but if she walks forward, stay neutral or anything else that causes a whiff you can jump in U1.

    Uncrouchable Oil Dive:

    c.hk: dash forward -> hk Dive
    fwd.mp: mk/hk/ex Dive
    oiled fwd.hk: dash back -> mk dive

    the Fukjage can beat the dive and so can EX Hayate.

    Other Setups:

    Oil Rocket, forward dash - Moderate to late j.HK.
    Oil Dive, neutral jump - Early j.HK.


    Don't oil up if Makoto is standing and has meter, since EX Hayate can punish any version of the oil shower. Forward Throw is MK Oil is safe and HK Oil safe IF no EX meter or U2.


    She'll either try to get in with Hayate or a jump in attack like Tsunugi or j.hp. To stop the jump in attacks, use Focus Attack. FA will make her think twice about using Tsunugi. Focus attack also works against Hayate. Abuse Focus attack until she stops abusing those two moves. Another tool you can use is fwd.mp, which can catch a Hayate or swat away a Tsunugi. An even greater tool to use is airthrow against the jump in attacks.

    If you're unoiled, you don't want her close. Dash back after FAs and look for openings.

    Once you've stopped the Hayate and Tsunugi abuse, she'll try to use her grab to get combos. This is why it's wise to mixup between FAs, fwd.mp, and airthrow against jump ins.

    Try to get oil whenever possible. FA oiled while sliding back is a great way to stop the grabs. It also adds dnc. If your wakeup game isn't effective against the Makoto you are playing, take the oil and reset/rocket/U1.

    Your pokes are great against her, don't be afraid to use them. (c.lp, s.mp, f.lk, s.hp, etc)

    Play defensively. She's looking to catch you sleeping with a Hayate or Tsunugi. If oiled, punish the Hayate with Rocket. Don't abuse FA when she's close.


    Using fwd.mp as AA
    Dive Setups
    Your Focus Attacks and DNCs
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    Preferred Ultra: U1
    Slide Wakeup: Beat by EX Soul Spiral, Free if no meter
    Crossup j.hk: Whiff mp
    Main Points: Aggressive Wakeup game, stay back and let her set the tone, oil helps with punishes.

    Rose isn't too bad of a matchup if you keep some things in mind. Try to get a lot of your damage in wakeup. When you're both standing, have patience. You don't need to be aggressive in this situation. Take what she gives you and know what to do when you block a certain move. Oil help a lot with this.


    Slide Wakeup:

    The only move that beats it is EX Soul Spiral. Normal Soul Throws and Soul Spirals are counterhit and EX Soul Throw whiffs.

    Crossup j.hk:
    Again, the only move that beats it is EX Soul Spiral but you can block after the j.hk and it will either block or whiff. Other Soul Spirals and Soul Throws are counterhit and EX Soul Throw whiffs.

    Uncrouchable Oil Dive:

    ALL Soul Throws whiff but it's still beat by EX Soul Spiral. Normal Soul Spirals get grabbed. Another thing to note is that if Rose activates U2 when she gets up then the Dive will still grab her if timed correctly.

    The main point about wakeup game is you need to watch out for EX Soul Spiral. You can get a lot of heavy damage in if she doesn't have Meter or doesn't use EX SS. If she's abusing EX SS, then block after the crossup j.hk or just oil up. Rose is one of those basic characters on wakeup so all the basic wakeup setups work. Because EX Soul Spiral is really her only answer against wakeup, don't be afraid to try and bait it out also.


    Forward throw: HK oil safe
    Back throw: lk oil safe
    Full screen: lk oil safe


    In this match, just stay back and see what she does, if she backs up and goes for fireballs, you can easily catch her with a slide because it's so slow. If she's a little more aggressive, then just block/parry and punish.

    Be careful about using EX Rocket when you're getting up. Rose can use close MK and you won't be able to grab her.

    A rushdown Rose will use a lot of pokes into Soul Spiral. Just play defensively and block them. When oiled, you can easily punish a blocked SS with Rocket. U1 is always an option too. When unoiled, you can either c.lp into lk dive or just lk dive. c.lp into dive will get Rose if she holds down. Just doing lk dive without the c.lp will catch Rose jumping. Watch for tendencies.

    Remember to block low so she can't get a Spiral combo. Don't worry about jumping in against Rose, you'll use slide to get in close against fireballs. Blocking low and playing defensively might cause Rose to start doing walk up throws. Use c.mk.lp.lk to tech.

    Rare, but if oiled, punish blocked Soul Reflects with Rocket. Unoiled, you usually are too far away for a decent punish so just poke with a s.mp.

    It's actually possible to get an EX rocket off in between a c.mk/c.mp and mk/hk Soul Spiral. If it's a lk/EX Soul Spiral, you'll stay in block animation.


    EX Rocket in between a c.mk/mp and a mk/hk Soul Spiral
    blocking a Soul spiral -> c.lp into dive against crouch OR reversal Dive against jumps
    Timing a slide against fireball
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    Preferred Ultra: Personal Preference, I use Ultra 2
    Slide Wakeup: Beat by EX Messiah, free if no meter
    Crossup j.hk: whiff standing LP
    Main points: Bait out that EX Messiah and know how to punish it, don't get too close, know how to stop Dive Kicks

    I prefer to use Ultra 2 in this matchup but Ultra 1 isn't a bad option either. Below is a link of Wildcat vs Rufus and he actually uses U1 so use whatever you are comfortable with. On wakeup, try to bait out that EX Messiah by using the below advice. Also know how to punish it once you block it. When you're both standing, you don't wanna be too close because of Dive Kick pressure. Know the ways on how to get out and try to get oil any chance you get.


    Slide Wakeup:

    The only thing that beats it is Ex Messiah Kick. Snake strike and regular messiah kicks will whiff so be prepared to punish those. Really work on your reaction speed to get this down.

    Crossup j.hk:

    Snake Strike gets counterhit in the air (reset) and EX SS whiffs. EX Messiah can beat you if you don't block after the j.hk. What you can do against EX Messiah Reversal is hold back while doing the j.hk and keep holding back. You will block the EX Messiah and the j.hk will hit if he doesn't do a reversal. You could also OS a U2.

    Uncrouchable Oil Dive:
    Rufus is one of those basic characters on wakeup so basic setups work. Rufus can still EX Messiah out, but it will only get one hit and only do 20 damage. The main problem is that he will now be in control. EX Messiah is the only move that can reversal hit. EX Snake Strike whiffs, everything else gets grabbed.

    If rufus doesn't have meter, you're free to do pretty much anything. With meter, use the crossup j.hk. Once you've taught him not to EX Messiah on wakeup, use Oil Dives.


    At max range, oil up. Rufus can't do a whole lot about it unless you use MK or HK oil. Unless Rufus has U2, backthrow is lk oil safe and forward throw is hk oil safe. If he has U2, use mk oil after a forward throw and don't oil after a backthrow.


    Let's start by going over Dive Kicks. You don't want Rufus to get in close to you. His dive/poke/throw mixup can destroy Hakan. Keep your distance as much as possible and try to get oil, which will help a lot in this matchup. Oiled backdash or FA backdash helps with getting out of his dive kick pressure. You get a little space after that. If you're in the corner and can't backdash out, use backDNC. fwd.lp is a good one to use, it will stop the dive kick if that's what he goes for and you can tick into a throw if he goes for throw/pokes.

    When unoiled and he's doing close dive kick pressure, it's a lot harder.

    Unoiled Post-blocked Dive Kick
    another dive kick - you can air grab or j.lk poke, but beaten by a poke. C.mp+lp+lk pokes him out of air
    pokes - Reversal Rocket, beaten by dive kick or jump. You will stay in block stun if you try to tech
    throw - Reversal Rocket, beaten by dive kick or jump. You can tech.

    Using c.mp+lk+lp is a great tool to get out of these three basic things.

    I'm not saying guess what he's going to to after every dive kick because the odds to guess right aren't great. There's no problem with just blocking a couple and quick teching if you see the throw coming. This is very hard to do so keep your distance.

    From farther away and he tries to dive kick pressure you, s.hp, fwd.mp, and j.hp are great tool to use.

    The next step in beating Rufus is baiting that EX Messiah out and punishing it. Don't do a lot of pokes while you're both standing because Rufus loves to catch pokes with EX Messiah. Once you bait it out from wakeup or whatever, here are his options after you block it.

    EX Messiah Options when blocked:
    LK- You stay in block stun and can easily punish with a fwd.mp slide combo, Rocket, or U1
    delayed LK- He's looking to catch you napping or break your focus attack. Keep Blocking, U2, or CC into U1/rocket.
    MK- This is the sweep attack and you can easily see it coming and get a lvl 1 FA. When oiled, get a combo
    HK- This is the overhead attack and it's also easily punished with a FA, you can get lvl 2.

    This is why oil is key. You'll be able to get a slide combo no matter what he does. Practice between a delayed LK and a MK. Keep blocking for the LK and FA the MK. Once you get the timing and can tell which one to do on reaction, then you're set. You can easily see the HK coming and have plenty of time to FA.

    If he's spamming c.HP from far away, FA DNC into a fwd.hk and try an uncrouchable dive setup/bait out the EX Messiah.

    Master c.mp+lp+lk against all three mixups
    oiled lvl 1 FA combos
    reaction time against blocked delayed lk EX Messiah and FA mk EX Messiah
    unoiled post-blocked dive kick situations
    OS U2 on crossup j.hk or block the EX Messiah.
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    Preferred Ultra: Ultra 1
    Slide Wakeup: Beat by Shoryuken
    Crossup j.hk: whiff mp
    Main Points: Take advantage of crossup j.hk, have great AA, Know what to punish

    We've all played Ryu many times so I don't think I need to go in massive detail. Just the basic strategy. A lot of Ken's guide is applicable in this matchup so if you're having problems reread that guide.


    Slide Wakeup:

    Very risky to use because it gets beat by shoryuken. Do not rely on this move unless he's a scrub.

    Crossup j.hk:

    This will probably be your go-to move on wakeup. Shoryukens whiff but on some timings the lp shoryuken will get counterhit in the air. Another thing to note is that if you time it just right and Ryu decides to reversal U1/Super, you will hand behind him. So if you have U1 ready, get that 720 prepared while he's activating u1/super. Also, if Ryu holds down+back, your j.hk will whiff.

    Uncrouchable oil dive:
    Beat by shoryuken obviously. Ryu is a basic wakeup character so all the normal setups work. Ryu can also use U1 when he gets up.


    Forward Throw: HK Safe unless he has U1/Super then use mk
    Back Throw: LK safe unless he has U1/Super


    If he's full screen throwing fireballs, you can always trade blood for oil and hope there's an opening for EX Slide. Another thing you can do is block the first one and CC under the second one, messing up with his timing and hopefully he whiffs a punch trying to do a fireball, giving you time to get a lk oil.

    If he tries to cross you up with a hurricane or jumping towards you while pretty close, hold back when he jumps and use standing HP. if he's farther away and jumping at you, use fwd.mp.

    Like Ken, you can duck under his hurricane kicks and punish with a sweep then safe jump forward.

    Remember that Ryu has a two-hit aerial move if you like to parry so you really don't want him getting in close.

    You should always punish a blocked sweep. If it's close to you, punish with a slide combo. If he's pretty far away and c.mk or fwd.mp won't reach, then you can reversal HP Slide.

    If Ryu is pretty far away and you block a c.MK, you can EX Slide before the fireball hits you.


    Standing HP and fwd.mp as AA, reaction time
    punishing a blocked sweep from far away with HP slide
    punishing a blocked c.mk from far away with EX Slide
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    Preferred Ultra: Ultra 1
    Slide Wakeup: Beat by Tiger Uppercut
    Crossup j.hk: whiff c.mp
    Main Points: Ask yourself what his most used move is, Save meter for EX Slide, make him use Knees and Uppercuts

    Sagat can be tricky, you really need to look for tendencies and what his usual offensive strategy is. Try to find his go-to move. You should try to keep one bar for an EX Slide. The goal if this matchup is to block his uppercuts and Knees and punish every single time.


    Slide Wakeup:
    Very risky to use because it gets beat by Tiger Uppercut. Do not rely on this move unless he's a scrub.

    Crossup j.hk:
    Whiff a c.mp instead of a standing mp. Uppercuts whiff, Knees will be counterhit, and you can hit a crouching Sagat. This needs to be a somewhat early j.hk. You can also swap it out for j.lk or j.mk for tick U1 or rocket. You won't be able to combo to a c.mk but you shouldn't try to anyway just in case you need to punish a whiffed uppercut. Poke combos still work.

    Uncrouchable Oil Dive:

    Use if he does a lot of reversal Tiger Knees on wakeup. Uppercuts will punish your dive so there is a little trade off but all Tiger Knees get grabbed.

    There's also no shame in just oiling up. Oil can become a huge factor in this matchup. There's always oil into block/rocket.


    Full screen: Trade blood for oil and hope he's fireball liberal, like most online Sagats, and EX Slide.
    Forward Throw: HK Safe
    Back Throw: He can EX Fireball and catch you.


    The first thing he'll try to do is back up and throw fireballs. You can HP slide under the punch fireballs but most Sagats won't use them in this matchup. Mixup between block and CC to try and throw off his timing and get lk oil, then EX Slide under. He might catch on and not throw fireballs when you're oiled so just creep forward, watching out for tiger knees.

    Punish blocked normal Tiger Knees with c.mk into slide. EX Tiger Knees cannot be punished. Practice in training mode between 1-hit tiger knees and 2-hit close up tiger knees. use LK version, that's the quickest one.

    I really like trying to bait out Knees and Uppercuts because a lot of Sagat player overuse them when close up. After punishing him enough, you can use your pokes a little bit more but be conservative with them.

    Play defensively and punish his Knees and Uppercuts. If you have a life lead, sit on it. Parrying is pretty risky against jump-in attacks because of tiger knee so I would use your AAs instead. You can try blocking after a parry and hope for a tiger knee. I know this was kind of a simple guide but just use common sense against Sagat. Don't let him catch you napping.


    whiff c.mp -> j.hk
    Punishing blocked Knees with c.mk slide
    poke links after a j.hk
    reaction timing on block
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    by liquigen

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