links into specials?

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to get a special out after say a 2 hit combo with normals do you have to link the last normal before you try the special? like in sf4?



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    not really... There aren't that many legitimate links in third strike. For example you can link c.mp > c.mp > s.lk > dash punch with yun, but that's on the only ones I can think of. This game focuses on chains in to specials / supers. You don't have the same combo mechanics as four. Four plays a lot like CVS 2 when it comes to the possibilities / Combo engine.
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    ah ok thanks man
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    There's no system mechanic in 3s that dictates what combos can be canceled or must be linked, once you get a certain amount of hits in a combo. So as long as you're using normals that can be canceled, you can go straight into a special.

    A SF4-like combo must be super rare, cuz I can't think of one at all right now. The only other SF game that really has those kind of combos are SF2 with renda cancels (e.g. Guile c.jabs into a flash kick).
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