Official DarkStalkers 4 signature thread



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    Holy Crap! =D Signed! I have always wanted to play a darkstalkers game because I just cant be bothered with the cast of most fighting games. I want the freaks!
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    Signed. Fingers crossed for 2D
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    this+online would be sick
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    Where do I sign?

    I would like a DS4 please.
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    Signed. I want Victor!
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    Why isn't this on Facebook? If there is going to be an online petition, it needs to get with the program!
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    where is the petition? i couldnt find the link :s
    would love for there to be a ds4... 2d only though, i really didnt like what they did with ssf4
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    There isn't really a single official petition. Different threads have been started on various forums and people have been posting their support in them. This particular thread being one.
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    Signed. The Savior of Hades will return at the Vampire's fourth bite.
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    Thought I'd signed this ages ago but I dont see my avatar in the little icon next to the thread so I guess I haven't.

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    Signed. Bring back Darkstalkers!
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    WE DID IT!

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    I can't wait to body you all with my godlike Lord Rapter. Signed.

    I gotta godlike Raptor, too. kinfolk -_-
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    Awesome, can't wait to suck in this game like I do in VS.
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    So, where is the Darkstalkers series subforum already?
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    Damn, Has it really been 2 years? I want DS4 NOW!
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    Signed x9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999. - Crystal Core
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    I'll sign this thread but don't expect me to buy old re-releases to signify my support for a new game.
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    signed. 2013!!!!
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    I gotta godlike Raptor, too. kinfolk -_-
    Nah, my Rapter's really sucky. The most important thing, though, is that I have fun playing him.
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    signed. though i have no history in darkstalkers i've always appreciated their artwork
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    signed, so I can play Dmitri again without busting out a PS1
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    I think i signed already but i'll sign again just in case lol!
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    Co-signed, my nigga.
    Thinking about redoing BOB tournament for the patch, anyone game?
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