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You guys heard Ono...get to signing

Seriously I would truely love to see this game, it would be a great alternative to Street fighter
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    Signed. Sorry I skipped out on this series as a kid!
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    F*%$ it, I'm hacking SSFIV:AE to have Karin in the game. ~Saka

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    I wholeheartedly support the release of a new Darkstalkers game.
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    Signed. :D
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    Signed, love the Darkstalker series. Please run it back.
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    Signed, love the Darkstalker love to see it again
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    Well now... lets see what we can do about my boredom.
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    I would buy a new Darkstalkers game.
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    Signed :D Let's see it.
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    don't mess this up
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    Yes, I can get behind half-nekkid monster chicks. Signed, sealed, delivered.
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    Bring back the Sasquatch! (signed)
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    Signed Sealed and plz deliver
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  • DemineonDemineon Joined: Posts: 18Registered
    Signed Sealed and plz deliver
    Victory is only truly achived by those who you defeat
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    Signed as hard as I can.
  • ZeenofZeenof Joined: Posts: 6Registered
    Signed. I've been wanting another Darkstalkers for a very long time now.
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    Justin E "9thpixel"

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    Signed with every muscle and fiber of my being.

    Make morrigans boobies nice. That's all I ask. :D
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    craze is here and signed!!!
  • NecroZerumusNecroZerumus Throw whorin' Joined: Posts: 479Registered

    Hopefully it doesn't follow the actual storyline and bring back Pyron.

    EDIT: Also add a character based on Medusa
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    avatar courtesy of snk
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    #1 Mel Gibson Fan
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    Signed, I would buy a new DarkStalkers.
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  • Kishiru324Kishiru324 Juri Han = <3 Joined: Posts: 67Registered

    I want Lilith's DFC. <3
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