Some SF Fan Art :)

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I've been a longtime fan of this site but I haven't bothered to dig into the forums. Lo and behold there is a fan art page! Anyways, I've made some SF images over the last few years and I thought it'd be nice if people saw them.


Some of my other work, and more SF stuff in here too.
GameArtisans - Gallery



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    Looks very nice, awesome job.
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    I like the surroundings. :tup:
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    that's tight. When are you going to post more of your work?
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    Thanks guys. Well, most of my art is done for a game company and I can't show that stuff until the game is released. I'll try to update my gallery when I do freelance work.

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    I checked your GA gallery page man. Pretty sick stuff
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    nitpick!-ibuki has three pony tails.

    other than that, it's beautiful. love the unique pose.
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    awesome work. very nice
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    That blanka-guile image is wonderful. Much respect for going all out dynamic on your poses.
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    very nice stuff man! Got any thuper thweet Dhalsim pics?
  • MinohKimMinohKim Joined: Posts: 16Registered
    "thuper thweet?" Wow, what kind of accent is that? :P

    No Dollism paintings yet. The Guile/Blanka one was done for my bud at work who regularly uses Guile against a pretty uber Blanka guy, and wins. He just wanted to rub it in. Dhalsim might be fun, I'll try that next.

    Also, I've been into Udon books for a while and they really inspire me to do dynamic poses and angles. Three ponytails on Ibuki?...I suck.

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    Evening guys,
    I posted my entry to the MvC3 Fan Art contest on my Game Artisans page. There are also a few new Street Fighter drawings in there too. You could visit my GA page to see the larger versions. GameArtisans - Gallery




    -Minoh Kim

    P.S. I'm looking for freelance work and you can contact me at ssminoh@gmail.com if you need any :)
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    Such an amazing body of work! Your gallery is really inspiring. That MVC 3 contest entry looks like a winner for sure! hope you get it.
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    You got some awesome talent. I recognized the Scorponok.
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    Thx CHOWZ. The Scorponok was the fan art in issue #5 of the "Countdown to Extinction" G1 Transformers series by Dreamwave (2003). I recently brought in the original inked page to work. One of the younger guys that I work with said he remembered seeing that when he was in grade school...I must be getting old.

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    Hey congrats on the win!

    I knew you'd get it.
  • Kiseki no GyakutenKiseki no Gyakuten Joined: Posts: 3Registered
    Wow this is professional level, inspiring arts! Great lighting, perspective and rendering. Very solid understanding of form and human anatomy.

    Do you have a deviantart website? I recommend starting a sketchbook at conceptart.org (if you have not, that is). It may increase chances of freelance work. They have contest with themes there too and you get to meet artists, sometimes get feedback from art pros there too.

    My art is not that great but I do have a passion for it, my deviantart is http://huangzhenyangjayson.deviantart.com/
    You could add me if you want, if not, it's ok =)

    Personally, i think you could even work at Udon, since your drawing and colouring style and standards are same level as them (and you like drawing SF and Marvel).
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    CHOWZ - Thx :)

    Kiseki no Gyakuten - I really would love to do work for UDON, since I pick up pretty much everything they do, then I go buy their mini TPB's :P I didn't think that my stuff matched the typical ConceptArt.org artwork. I need to look at their stuff again. I like your stuff on Deviant. I think that you could use a little bit more foundational figure drawing practice to add to your painting skills. Try purchasing a "Bridgman's complete guide to drawing from life", "Force" by Mike Mattesi and (if you can find them) figure drawing books by Loomis. Also check out "Harley Brown's eternal truths for every artist" for some sage advice on everything art related :)

    I've updated my GA gallery with my 3rd Strike fan art entry.


    -Minoh Kim
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    Yeah, you'd be one of Udon's bright spots if they hired you. Really nice entry for the 3S contest (that I'm not eligible for :mad: )
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    <3 your MvC3 entry art!
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    your mvc3 piece - mind blown
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    Wow these are fricking gorgeous! People truely have amazing art skills
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    Artwork, some new and a few old ones. Also, I made a blog :)


    -Minoh Kim






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    Your art reminds me of Joe Madd's stuff....................pretty cool.
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    the new pieces look great! very dynamic
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    I agree with Geese Pants. Your stuff reminds me of Joe Madd, in a good way. Looking forward to more!
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    Thanks guys! Dang Edwin, you got some awesome stuff on your site. I'm Joe Mad's biggest fan, his new stuff on Spiderman is very good.
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    sweet mother of pearl...excellent gallery. I like how you colored your Morrigan piece. id buy an artbook in a heart beat(if you sell some in the future)
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    Not really Shoryuken material, but I've been playing DOTA 2 lately so what the heck. DOTA fan art! :P

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