Patch these for SSF4 AE!



  • MrHitsMrHits Joined: Posts: 54Registered
    give makoto regular 1000 health
    make her U2 always do full combo instead of whiffing after the first hit
    increase regular and especially ex karakusa range, and her recovery time after a successful hayate, and she's ok
  • ilitiritilitirit Joined: Posts: 3,969Registered
    Fix the god damned "Unable To Join Session" problem on PSN.
  • The MullahThe Mullah lk kara throw repeat Joined: Posts: 2,341Registered
    reversals are not fadc'able
    smaller input and reversal window
    remove crouch tech
    backdash is otg but not invincible

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  • The MullahThe Mullah lk kara throw repeat Joined: Posts: 2,341Registered
    reversals are not fadc'able
    smaller input and reversal window
    remove crouch tech
    backdash is otg from f1 but not invincible
    more blockstun

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  • Kanta-KunKanta-Kun Master MagBlaster Joined: Posts: 4,775Registered
    Put Seth like he was in Vanilla and fix:

    U2 glitch
    Super Glitch
    Anti-air ex.tanden glitch
    uhhh... no teleport after sonic boom glitch
    U1 dmg glitch


    Way less invincibility on backdashes, I'm sorry, but they are ridiculous as they are. Seeing sweeps whiff straight through your character while you're cornered is ridiculous.
    Tone down the lenient inputs, they're way too lenient now. Keep them AWAY from ST hardness, though.

    That is all.
  • AtaribombAtaribomb Fueled by Coffee Joined: Posts: 23Registered
    I can really get behind the suggestion for a quick rematch option. Just make it so both have to agree to it or something. I know there have been some matches where I thought, "If I had just one more match with you I could turn it around."
    Also I know it's not a patch or a fix or anything, but I wouldn't mind some new stages.
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    This thread has been stickied in a rush, obviously. Though it had the potential to be read by developers, if it is not organized with a clear first page, it won't be.
    Something like separating:
    - clear bugs
    - ergonomic corrections (matchmaking options...)
    - feature corrections (replays...)
    - and finally delirious attempts at getting the gameplay/character of choice changed.

    Is the op responsible enough poster to review the thread and compile a good first page ?
  • ShaoTatariShaoTatari is a robot Joined: Posts: 21Registered
    More than system tweaks, I'd like to see a few character tweaks, mainly on those that are not "working" right now.

    It'd be really nice to see Makoto with more range on karakusa, +2 or +3 frames for all hayate versions(on hit), things like that. But I'm fine as long as anything reasonable is added.
  • SylariSylari Joined: Posts: 1,535Registered
    I'd like to see a few more of the auto combo into cinematic ultras not fail to reach the second stage despite fully connecting in the first stage ( adon's u1 and Dudley's u2 in particular, rarely happens with ibuki's u2 ). Seth's U2 has similar problems although it doesn't transition, really annoying with his health to land a full ultra only to have them get spat out early and nail you during recovery.

    Most of the other stuff I'd like has been said, and don't wanna argue character balancing right now, too messy and subjective
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  • kachekache Inversion Impulse Joined: Posts: 653Registered
    Add buffering to the execution.
  • kachekache Inversion Impulse Joined: Posts: 653Registered
    Turning sound to 0, disabling shortcuts and making dp motion :r::df::d::df: not :dp:

    Agree with the possibility to disable shortcuts from the options.
  • tenyardmiketenyardmike Raised by Woofs Joined: Posts: 1,165Registered
    Make Adons ultra 1 complete after the first hit

    shit sucks when you get the first hit and the other 2 will miss because the opponent was a pixel out of the max range
  • kachekache Inversion Impulse Joined: Posts: 653Registered
    Have Makoto's Karakusa force block

    Also, have makoto's EX Hayate go trough the fireballs.
  • SylariSylari Joined: Posts: 1,535Registered
    Agree with the possibility to disable shortcuts from the options.

    How would that work though? Which shortcuts would it remove?

    Meh, only thing that really bugs me about shortcuts is when they make inputs overlap ( hakan and Seth, sigh ) and that they're selectively applied. Seems odd that some moves have shortcutted inputs and others don't ... Something thar basic should be uniform
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  • kachekache Inversion Impulse Joined: Posts: 653Registered
    Maximize the amount of time spent between FIGHT and K.O.

    Every second spent on skipping menus, transition screens, character intros, grading my Offense/Defense/Technical etc... is a second I could be playing and enjoying the game. This is just pure waste and does nothing to improve the game.

    Make ranked matches anonymous until the game starts, no more cherry picking battles.

    No ultra should take more than 5 seconds, these self indulgent ultras like Zangiefs that take 10-15 seconds to complete waste my time and while they may be cool the first 10 times you see them, they become boring the remaining 900 times.

    Overall, cut out all the excess fat from the game. As technology improves the effort should be spent maximizing the amount of time I spend playing the game, not spent on stupid gimmicks or flashy screens designed for kids with massive ADHD.

    Though, I would prefer the cleaning to be an option in the options, because sometimes I want to see all the gimnicks. :)
  • ilovedawkinsilovedawkins Joined: Posts: 241Registered
    Reduce hakkans oil animations or increase oiled time or both.
  • kachekache Inversion Impulse Joined: Posts: 653Registered
    Extremely important: put back the sf4 arcade requests thing, but this time in training mode, so we can use our time training while waiting for a match. :)
  • Mr. XMr. X Non Stop ∞ Climax Joined: Posts: 19,534Registered, Premium
    Fix the bugged moves.
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  • RPGsFTWRPGsFTW Marvelous! Joined: Posts: 132Registered
    Makoto's Hayate, all of them, should break armor. =p Why does a super fast punch NOT break armor/focus?

    Hakan should get a little bit of something nice too. ;~;
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  • COY alanCOY alan Joined: Posts: 5Registered
    Give akuma a faster-longer forward dash - his back dash is good but his forward dash is crap- and this will not make him overpowered just less defensive- ive asked and a lot of akuma players want that

    it will be nice if his ultra 2 was more usefull

    in general i beleive in general everybody wants to the game be tweaked so the whole general engine give more offensive tools instead of so many defensive options!!!

    Dont tone down characters better tone up agressive options - people like to win by attacking not defending so much - rush or get rushed- masses of players love that
  • COY alanCOY alan Joined: Posts: 5Registered
    Create new characters instead of bringing back characters from other sf games
  • NorieagaNorieaga FADC x ROFLCOPTER Joined: Posts: 2,990Registered
    General Options:
    - Fight request in training
    - Show disconnect rating

    - Increase health SLIGHTLY
    - Tatsu-sweep on everyone

    - Shorter oil animation
  • btfu88btfu88 GetMoneyMyrick Joined: Posts: 506Registered
    ^Cant you check disconnect on people? Feel like you can.

    And then making new characters because Hakan was a disappointment, seriously they couldn't have come up with a better character than a red oil wrestler? I'd also like to see some seth vs urien matches
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  • Unknown Joined:
    Make Akuma and Gouken's real themes play in battle instead of their rival themes >_>.
  • Killer_JigglypuffKiller_Jigglypuff Karakusa is cheap Joined: Posts: 4,081Registered
    Make Hakan able to 360 a stunned Dudley please.

    Also, online training mode would be an awesome addition, it'd help a lot of us without offline friends who play SF step our games up.
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  • roxtcroxtc Joined: Posts: 245Registered
    In Arcade Mode, let any controller from 1 - 8 be able to challenge. Sometimes I have a few friends getting together for casuals and everyone brings their own controller. Some of us use DS3, TE, FS3, and it's different enough so we'd all prefer our own sticks. It's stupid how we have to keep reassigning the controllers. Shouldn't be complicated coding.
  • XavionXavion Out of Retirement Joined: Posts: 60Registered
    1. Add arcade request as a toggle in training mode (have it just from the pause menu, and default to off every time to avoid irritation during dedicated practice).

    2. Put Gouken and Akuma's Real themes for arrange music (ENOUGH with the damn Ryu remixes already...)

    3. No more METERLESS 3-frame reversals. EX reversals having this are OK because of meter cost, but no one should have a near bullet-proof reversal for free. FADC after such reversals would then be OK because it would cost effectively 3 bars.

    4. If new characters are added (and the recent screens make this all-but-certian), the entire cast should have a Balance review. Just dropping new characters in is a recipe for broken bullshit.

    This Balance review should not only look at reversals per #3 but all aspects of all character's moveset, particularly the bottom tier characters by consensus (I think Sakura, Dan, Hakan, Gen and Makoto are all indisputably in that tier).
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  • tenyardmiketenyardmike Raised by Woofs Joined: Posts: 1,165Registered
    no more auto correct anything.

    makes certain characters TOO safe
  • qialqial Joined: Posts: 215Registered
    netplay-enabled training mode
  • Kanta-KunKanta-Kun Master MagBlaster Joined: Posts: 4,775Registered
    99% of this will not happen. i dont think capcom is really going to give a fuck about the current state of things... at least not now.
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