Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Player Roster



  • Inst@aNtDeath srkInst@aNtDeath srk Joined: Posts: 4Registered
    SRK Name: Inst@NtDeath srk
    XBL Tag: thebest258
    Location: Midwest
    Characters: Akuma, Balrog, C. Viper, and Abel
  • CommonerChaosCommonerChaos Joined: Posts: 130Registered
    SRK Name: CommonerChaos
    XBL Tag: CommonerChaos
    Location: Midwest
    Characters: Ken, Ryu, Akuma, Bison

    I have a firm grasp on SSF4, but could always get better. Add me for some good matches.
    Add me on XBL.
    Gamertag: CommonerChaos
  • TheOnlyLiteTheOnlyLite Execution Whore Joined: Posts: 425Registered
    SRK Name: TheOnlyLite
    XBL Tag: TheOnlyLite
    Location: California
    Characters: Ibuki, Seth, Beta, and maybe Cammy

    My main is Ibuki cause I love ninjas. :) I've been playing for about 7-8 months, trying to improve on fight stick for tournaments. Add me if you wanna play! I'll also help you train combos and such if you need it. :)
  • hellokrittyhellokritty Joined: Posts: 11Registered
    SRK Name: Hellokritty
    XBL Tag: hellokritty2
    Location: San Francisco, California
    Characters: Guy, Chun Li, Ibuki, Sakura

    I'm used to classic SF2 and Alpha series, just trying to get good at SSF4 but I'm pretty terrible so far. I need a lot of practice and eventually a stick (using the Xbox controller still- I know I know). Help a noob out please! :)
  • DukAmokDukAmok Fan of Nujabes Joined: Posts: 62Registered
    SRK Name: DukAmok
    XBL Tag: DukAmok SRK
    Location: Houston, Texas
    Characters: Boxer / Ken / Other randoms.

    Intermediate skill level. Looking to play other people at around the same level. I also don't mind helping out new players, so add away :P
    "Somebody's shoved a red-hot poker up our ass, and I want to know whose name is on the handle!"
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    XBL: DukAmok SRK
    SSF4AE: Rufus
  • bPlusOnebPlusOne Well...@$%! Joined: Posts: 2Registered
    SRK Name: bPlusOne
    XBL Tag: bPlusOne
    Location: Vancouver, BC
    Characters: Honda, Ryu, Balrog

    SF fan since World Warrior on SNES. Been a pad player for life. Training exclusively with stick now, so I'm going through that stage of learning everything over again. Looking to improve, like everyone else!
  • f1ngers 0f furyf1ngers 0f fury What an answer!! "Yipes" Joined: Posts: 18Registered
    SRK Name: f1ngers 0f fury
    Location: Michigan
    Characters: Ryu, M. Bison, Fei Long, (Trying to learn Guile)
  • PanteraPantera Master of Puppets Joined: Posts: 9Registered
    SRK Name: Pantera
    XBL Tag: DIM3BAG x
    Location: England, UK
    Characters: Oni, Ryu, Guy and Yang
  • SquirtgunsSquirtguns Dumb for Crumbs Joined: Posts: 422Registered
    SRK Name: Squirtguns
    XBL Tag: Dumb 4 Crumbs
    Location: Nor Cal
    Characters: Rose, Rog, Yun

    Looking for good Cali peeps to play against. Live in Santa Cruz and all the peeps that I play offline with moved for the summer, so now it's back to playing online.
  • asKariasKari Joined: Posts: 1Registered
    Pretty new to SSF4

    SRK Name: asKari
    XBL Tag: itajeN
    Location: Dallas, Texas
    Characters: Akuma (learning), Cammy (main)
  • Tye@lTye@l Plays every 2D beat-em-up Joined: Posts: 113Registered
    Have hit a serious wall as far as playing ability goes, and hoping to overcome it with lots of PvP.

    SRK Name: Tye@l
    XBL Tag: Tyeal
    Location: Northwest Las Vegas
    Characters: Adon, Akuma and Guile.
    I may not be the most knowledgeable fighter, or the most experienced. But I like to help and offer whatever advice I can, when I can.
  • cjacksonCMYKcjacksonCMYK Joined: Posts: 97Registered
    SRK Name: cjacksoncmyk
    XBL Tag: brutaLChris
    Location: Charlotte, NC
    Characters: Dudley Ibuki
    MvC3: ???/???/??? LETS GO!
  • No_CigarNo_Cigar close but....... Joined: Posts: 2,173Registered
    SRK Name: No_Cigar
    Location: San Antonio, TX
    Characters: DJ and Yun

    Friend me or msg me you want some games or from SRK. I play mvc3 also. Peace.
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  • HakeoHakeo Joined: Posts: 18Registered
    SRK Name: Hakeo
    XBL Tag: Ryasai
    Location: Clermont, FL
    Characters: Cammy / Yun / Juri

    Just started playing the SF about a week ago so I'm pretty new to this. Looking for people to play with online or offline. I play MK as well.
    XBL: Ryasai
  • Travis EpicTravis Epic Joined: Posts: 298Registered
    SRK Name:Travis Epic
    XBL Tag: The Epic Ninja
    Location: Southern Ohio
    Characters: Oni (Learning); Ibuki; Cammy; Chun-Li
    SSF4:AE Main: Oni; Ibuki
    UMvC3 Alpha Team: Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye
  • ZOMBIEGUTS TZAZOMBIEGUTS TZA Kentucky Ryu Joined: Posts: 466Registered
    Characters:Ryu,Yun(kinda learning him)

    I have a large understanding of SSF4 and would consider myself to be a high intermediate level player.I'm very hungry to get better and am almost always up for games against great players.
    SFxT:Kazuya x Ryu
  • SentinelPilotSentinelPilot For my Kingdom Joined: Posts: 86Registered
    SRK Name: Sentinelpilot
    XBL: AncientMech
    Location: Weston, FL
    Characters: Cammy

    Really just looking for people to play against, tired of facing random people online who are always rude.
    BlazBlue CS2: Tager, Jin
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  • The Dirty ShivThe Dirty Shiv Joined: Posts: 1Registered
    XBL: The Dirty Shiv
    Location: West Coast
    Characters: Most of them.

    Just looking for a few folks to have some matches with. As long as you aren't always complaining and yelling into the mic then we are good.
  • PawLowPawLow Some SF Player Joined: Posts: 2Registered
    SRK Name: PawLow
    XBL Tag: PawLow SL
    Location: Central Jersey
    Characters: Abel, Balrog

    Need a lot of practice and match experience.
  • FallionFallion Joined: Posts: 4Registered
    SRK Name: Fallion
    XBL GamerTag: Fallion86
    Location: Las Vegas, NV
    Characters: Rufus, Zangeif, Juri

    Just starting out and am looking to get better with some friendly matches. For now my skills are beginner to intermediate.
  • Dreadz18xDreadz18x Long hair dont care Joined: Posts: 525Registered

    XBL GT : Dread Primetime
    Location: South FL
    Characters: no longer have a main, been playing a mix of characters
  • SE4WOLFSE4WOLF Joined: Posts: 9Registered
    Location: UK
    Characters: whoever

    Just got a stick and Im the only person on my friends list that plays fighters. Help a brother out!
  • killonaterkillonater @killonater Joined: Posts: 110Registered
    SRK: killonater
    XBL: killonater
    Location: SoCal
    Character: E. Honda, Ryu
    Brian "killonater" Bui (Pronounced: kill · o · na(y) · ter)
    Follow me on twitter: @killonater
    SSF4: E. Honda/Seth/Gen
    SFxT: Yoshi/Kuma
  • RemitiusRemitius xbl: Remitius SRK Joined: Posts: 5Registered
    SRK: Remitius
    XBL: Remitius SRK
    Location: Southern U.S.
    Characters: Balrog and some random alts

    I'm looking for anyone at least subpar at the game.
    I have a good internet connection
    I don't have a mic
  • SoulTakerSoulTaker Joined: Posts: 1Registered
    SRK: SoulTaker
    XBL: SoulTakerx5
    Location: New York
    Characters: Makoto, Yang

    I'm a beginner looking for practice.
  • TecTec974TecTec974 Joined: Posts: 1Registered
    XBL : PSLD
    SRK : TecTec974
    Characters : E. Honda, Dee Jay
    Location : Reunion Island (French overseas territory)
  • Missing PersonMissing Person 失踪者 / 행방불명자 / 行方不明者 Joined: Posts: 5,651Registered
    SRK Name: Missing Person
    XBL GamerTag: WatCnBrwnDo4u
    Location: Qingdao, China
    Characters: Cody, Chun-Li, Deejay
    XBL: WatCnBrwnDo4U | PSN: C4NT-MssngPrsn | GGPO/Supercade: Missing Person
    SSF4AE: Chun, Boxer, Guile | TTT2: Asuka/Bob | SCV: Leixia
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  • DramatixDramatix Bullshit at your convenience. Joined: Posts: 2,013Registered
    SRK: Dramatix
    XBL: WeirdHoodie
    Characters: C.Viper, Rose, Cammy
    Location: Maryland
    "Everyone in here has had someone who tried to convince them that they were sexually harassed, and you did not believe them because they were not cute."
  • SkzimSkzim Joined: Posts: 25Registered
    SRK: Skzim
    XBL: Skzim
    Characters: ken, seth, cody
    Location: va
  • Squawking GooseSquawking Goose Scrubby Gouken Joined: Posts: 11Registered
    SRK Name: Squawking Goose
    XBL Tag: GapingJewwAZZ (ima change this later)
    Location: Santa Cruz, Ca
    Characters: Gouken, anyone else that's not gen
    XBL GT: GapingJewwAZZ
    Games: SSFIV AE, SSB N64, Any shooting game.
    Selling Gears of War 3 for $30 (if you're from UCSC).
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