Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Player Roster



  • Shadow5587Shadow5587 MagCheato Joined: Posts: 73Registered
    XBL GT: El Qwik Draw
    Location: nyc
    Character: Balrog
    MvC3: Mag/Sent/Storm
    SSF4: Rog
  • metalmike31216metalmike31216 The Wall Joined: Posts: 1,110Registered
    location:So Cal
    Characters: Rog, Ryu
    Me + Nanaya Shiki = 1 on 1 Government WORLD CHAMPIONS
  • GEAR-XGEAR-X Pad Monster Joined: Posts: 57Registered
    SRK Name: GEAR-X
    XBL Tag: Shadow Nanaya
    Location: Northeastern Pennsylvania
    Characters: Juri, Akuma
    Marvel 3 Team: Wekser, Wolverine, Akuma
    Mortal Kombat Mains: Reptile, Raiden
    AE Mains: Dee Jay, Evil Ryu
  • KacomKacom Joined: Posts: 267Registered
    XBL: Kacom
    Location: South Jersey
    Characters: Blanka, Rose, Dudley
  • TaiHyugaTaiHyuga Joined: Posts: 32Registered
    SRK Name:TaiHyuga
    XBL Tag : graytrigger
    Location : Brooklyn NY
    Characters: Ibuki,Ryu
    check mah page out O_O http://www.youtube.com/user/TaiHyuga2336

  • joeresiorexjoeresiorex RIP CVS2! 4-15-2010 Joined: Posts: 206Registered
    SRK Name: JoeresioREX
    XBL Tag : joeresiorex
    Location : World wide Earth
    Characters: T. Hawk, Ryu, Balrog
    1. facebook.com/pages/JoeresioREX/188444049880?ref=ts
    2. Face book: Joeresio Blake
    3: Youtube.com/Joeresio
    4. gamertagpics.com/xbox-live-profile/joeresioREX
  • YokoshoYokosho DeAndreWay Joined: Posts: 12Registered
    SRK Name: Mickel Brown
    XBL Tag: vVv Yokosho Current (other : vVv MStaR)
    Location: London, UK
    Characters : Main : Sakura
    No man is an island add - vVv DeAndre Way
  • MonkeybeerMonkeybeer Fighting Playboy Joined: Posts: 117Registered
    SRK Name: Monkeybeer
    XBL Tag: Monkeybeerhax
    Location: Long Island/Manhattan
    Characters: Dudley, Balrog, and Deejay.
  • Unknown Joined:
    SRK Name: Nphect
    XBL Tag: Love Delibastus
    Location: Spokane, WA
    Characters: Balrog, Ryu, Juri, and a few others
  • Unknown Joined:
    SRK Name: PhilDSnutz
    XBL tag: Sickest Kid
    Location: Orangevale CA
    Characters: Guile, Dan. (I'm serious.)
  • Unknown Joined:
    SRK Name: PMOMPz
    XBL Tag: PMOMPz
    Location: Monroe, WA
    Characters: Vega, Juri mainly. been messing with Abel.
  • captpancakescaptpancakes Joined: Posts: 5Registered
    SRK Name: captpancakes
    XBL Tag: CptPancakes
    Location: Arkansas
    Characters: whoever
  • NeedlecrashNeedlecrash Back to Basics. Joined: Posts: 1,866Registered, Premium
    SRK Name: Sean's Apprentice
    XBL Tag: Dusted Twilight
    Location: Central Maryland
    Characters: Adon, Dee Jay, Juri, Rose, Abel, Ibuki, Makoto, Cody

    I have the game for both systems so if im not on one, im on the other.
    The Gaming Confessions Blog
    Needlecrash's Youtube
    Working on leveling up. Follow me on Twitter @Needlecrash
  • kewlbub 2kewlbub 2 Joined: Posts: 144Registered
    SRK NAME: kewlbub 2
    XBL Tag: kewlbub 2
    Location: PA
    Character: Ryu
  • Unknown Joined:
    SRK Name: K3lloggz
    XBL Tag: Generalkills17
    Location: Brooklyn, NY
    Characters: Balrog, Ken, guy, adon, (more soon lolz)
  • VeseriusVeserius Paragon of Cyber-Athleticism Joined: Posts: 4,887Registered
    SRK Name: Veserius
    XBL Tag: Veserius
    Location: Long Beach, CA
    Characters: Blanka, Dee Jay, Claw(Working on Boxer and a few others)
  • PointBreak91PointBreak91 Just one more sip Joined: Posts: 595Registered
    SRK Name: PointBreak91
    XBL Tag: PointBreak91
    Location: Canvey Island, England
    Characters: T. Hawk, most of the girls, maybe Cody
  • Roy0Roy0 Team NAH Joined: Posts: 542Registered
    Pretty new to XBL

    SRK Name: Roy0
    XBL Tag: ThaBlackF1ash
    Location: Somerset, NJ
    Characters: Chun-Li, Makoto. I also play a little bit of Balrog and I'm trying to learn a good amount of the cast.
    Member Of Rutgers' Underground Gaming Society: Knight Slash 4! Spring 2012
  • ANTI L0SERANTI L0SER Joined: Posts: 1Registered
    SRK Name: ANTI L0SER
    Location: Indiana, IN
    Characters: Ryu, Cody, Guile, blanka.
    Go for broke..
  • espo83espo83 Joined: Posts: 14Registered
    SRK Name: Espo83
    XBL Tag: espo83
    Location: Peoria, Il
    Characters: Dudley
  • espo83espo83 Joined: Posts: 14Registered
    double post
  • Unknown Joined:
    Get Some

    GT - psycho6button
    Area - Norcal
    Characters - Guy / Gief / Dudley

    Not looking to play scrubs, I'd like to play people on my level or better. Thanks
  • Unknown Joined:
    GT - Mew LDN
    London, UK
    Characters - Akuma / Rest of the cast for fun.
  • Unknown Joined:
    GT - Mew LDN
    London, UK
    Characters - Akuma / Rest of the cast for fun.
  • sackyhack89sackyhack89 Joined: Posts: 4Registered
    SRK Name: Sackyhack89
    XBL Tag: Sackyhack89
    Location: New Bern, NC
    Characters: Whoever
  • sakabato24sakabato24 Dat アイドルマスター Playah Joined: Posts: 1,714Registered
    SRK Name : sakabato24 (a.k.a Saka)
    XBL Tag : sakabato24
    Location : Sacramento, CA
    Characters : Main - Sakura
    Subs - Chun, Juri, Cammy, Rose, Makoto, Ibuki, C.Viper
    F*%$ it, I'm hacking SSFIV:AE to have Karin in the game. ~Saka

    Kisaragi Chihaya my waifu.... Biznitches

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  • Unknown Joined:
    SRK Name: Deitis
    XBL Tag: Draconis0113
    Location: Boca Raton, FL
    Character(s): Sakura, Ryu
  • lll Jin llllll Jin lll Joined: Posts: 5Registered
    SRK Name: lll Jin lll
    XBL Tag: lll JiN lll
    Location: Elizabeth City, NC
    Character(s): Rose, Ibuki, (and some day) Akuma
  • Unknown Joined:
    SRK name: Zoning Genious
    XBL Tag: Boriqua Kyaku
    Location: Tampa, Fl
    Character: Gouki
  • Dewd111111222Dewd111111222 Philly's youngest Joined: Posts: 309Registered
    SRK Name: Dewd111111222 (Just dewd please)
    XBL Tag: Dai Huu
    Location: Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
    Character(s): Guile, Deejay, some Dudley and Akuma
    Known as Dai Huu
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