Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Player Roster

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New Game (kinda), new Roster thread... the other one got incredibly long anyway.


SRK Name: Phil McFly
XBL Tag: Phil McFly
Location: Central Jersey
Characters: Whoever
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    SRK Name: Shakugan
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    Location: South Jersey
    Characters: Juri, Adon
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    Characters: Dudley, Cammy, Sakara
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    SRK Name: Eddymasta
    XBL Tag: Angrylobster1
    Location: Central Florida
    Characters: Guy, Juri
    GGPO: Angrylobster
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    SRK Name: Mr.SNK
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    Location: Arizona
    Characters: E.Honda
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    XBL: Pocketdrew
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    Characters: Adon
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    Gamertag: GrumpiSmurf
    Location: Brooklyn, NYC
    Boss: E.Honda
    Unerboss: Ken
    Consigliere: Guile
    Caporegimes: Bison, Vega
    Soldiers: Cody, Deejay, Dan
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    SRK Name - DooM_
    XBL Tag - MFDooM2k
    Location - Moreno Valley, Ca
    Characters - Hakan, Juri, Cody, Guy
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    SRK Name: Missing Person
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    Location: Harrisburg, IL
    Characters: Chun-Li, Juri, Dee Jay
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    SSF4AE: Chun, Boxer, Guile | TTT2: Asuka/Bob | SCV: Leixia
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    SRK NAME: DaDesiCanadian
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    Location: Toronto, Canada
    Characters: Abel
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    SRK Name: del1rium
    XBL Tag: delirium83
    Location: NYC-ish
    Characters: Bison (main), Cody, Juri
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    Location, SF Bay Area, Cali
    Characters: Guile.
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    XBL Tag: Gouki Cookie
    Location: So Cal
    Characters: Main-Chun Alt-Rog, Fuerte, Blanka In Training-Viper, Makoto
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  • del1riumdel1rium Hype Junkie Joined: Posts: 1,915Registered
    Gouki Cookie
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    srk- buttnakedchoke3
    xbl gtag- buttnakedchoke7 (originally buttnakedchoke3 but xbox made me change it like 5 times)
    location- columbus, ohio
    ssf4- haken, guile, t-hawk
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    Location - Louisiana
    Character(s) - Akuma , Fei (rarely)
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    Characters: Ken, Gouken, Sakura, Ibuki
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    Location: Oakland CA
    Characters: Ryu, Deejay
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    XBL : XplosivePeanut
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    Character(s): Ibuki, Adon, Ryu
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    SRK Name: XplosivePeanut
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    Location: Alabama
    Characters: Ibuki, Adon, Ryu
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    XBL- XzNoLuckzX
    Location- Orlando
    Characters- Ibuki, Cammy, Ryu
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    SRK Name: Tornix
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    Location: East Bay, CA
    Characters: Ibuki, Juri, El Fuerte
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    Characters: T.Hawk
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    Character(s): Makoto
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    Location: UCLA
    Character: Guy
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    Sub: dudley
    Location: miami florida
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    XBL Tag: Glumbie
    Location: Maryland
    Characters: Ibuki, Ryu, Makoto
    btw 3s didn't die. The old guys that run evo and all the other tournaments forced it into retirement because it couldn't turn up a nice enough profit for their mcribs and abercrombie jackets.
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    Character(s): Juri, Viper
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    Location: Connecticut ( East Coast)
    Characters: Undecided.
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