Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Match Making Thread



  • Unknown Joined:
    Location: Midwest
    Time Available: different each day
    Main Characters: Zangief, Sagat, and going back to one of my 3s favs Dudley
  • PatakaReadaPatakaReada Hungry for love Joined: Posts: 818Registered
    PSN: Danhungry4luv
    Location: Midwest-MN
    Time Available: Usually afternoons to nights
    Mains: Random

    Please go easy on me. Kinda new.
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  • Nine life catNine life cat Joined: Posts: 35Registered
    see my ID on the left :)
    use all command throw characters :)
  • Unknown Joined:
    Area: pensacola, Fl
    Times:SUN/WED anytime, any other day, after 1030pm CENTRAL TIME
    Console: PS3
    Characters: Blanka, Chun-li, M. Bison, Ryu, Ibuki
  • ChinNutsChinNuts May the Whooo be with you Joined: Posts: 89Registered
    PSN ID: AZWhitebread
    Location: Arizona
    Time Available: Whenever i'm not working
    Main Characters: Dictator, t hawk
  • Fade DashFade Dash Fade Joined: Posts: 86Registered
    PSN ID: Athrael
    Location: Boston
    Time Available: Varies but often weekends
    Main Characters: Juri, Cody, Ibuki, some others for play.
    Follow the Fade Dash http://twitter.com/FadeDash
  • marquezsfmarquezsf Joined: Posts: 479Registered
    add me anytime
    loc: norcal
    Stream http://www.twitch.tv/marquezsf/new
    XBL MGInfinate
    PSN MarquezSF
  • Unknown Joined:
    PSN ID: upforcrabs
    Time Available: most late nights, all of tuesday
    Main Characters: t. hawk, sakura
  • BronzefistBronzefist Spews random garbage Joined: Posts: 1,570Registered
    PSN ID: Bronzefist
    Location: Pittsburgh PA
    Time Available: Typically after 5:30pm EST
    Main Characters: Gen, Hakan and Adon. All at a scrub level :lol:
    MvC3: She Hulk, Thor, Hulk, Haggar lariat assist, Arthur dagger assist
    SSF4: Gen, Makoto, Adon...all at scrub level :sad:
  • JuggyJuggy Joined: Posts: 413Registered
    Location: Illinois (Midwest)
    Time Available: 6PM-11PM, mainly evenings
    Main Characters: Ryu, learning Juri.
  • PSN_SpekkioXLVPSN_SpekkioXLV Joined: Posts: 41Registered
    Spekkio XLV

    PSN: SpekkioXLV
    Location: VA (East Coast)
    Time Available: Intermittently, evenings
    Main Characters: Honda

    Anyone else have trouble with input lag? I have 1/2 second delay it seems like, & input drops. Any settings to modify?
  • berserkotaku45berserkotaku45 winter is coming Joined: Posts: 1,333Registered
    psn id: kyo45
    location: buffalo, ny
    time: 5pm til around 11 all week
    chars: abel, rufus, adon
  • berserkotaku45berserkotaku45 winter is coming Joined: Posts: 1,333Registered
    double post, wtf
  • AOS-AOS- D-Plus Joined: Posts: 2,123Registered
    adding you mighty3x, wanna see how well connection is this time around, plus I want to face some 3s mainers I have to practice facing these unknown characters.

    PSN ID: AOS- (that's a hyphen)
    location: Mississauga, ON, Canada
    time: weekday afternoons & evenings (just not past 10:30pm), weekends: saturday afternoon, sunday afternoon evening.
    characters: Ken, Fuerte, bits of Guile and Honda.
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  • Unknown Joined:
    psn id: sm0k3y4zn2k
    location: NYC
    time: 8pm - midnight-ish on weekdays, random on weekends
    characters: cammy, juri, ryu, (trying to learn ibuki)

    i has a mic, prefer to play those with mics as well.

    if you add me, throw SRK in the message. thanks!
  • IrennicusIrennicus Joined: Posts: 1,408Registered
    PSN ID: Irennicus
    Location: Austin, TX
    Time: Mostly evenings and weekends, but you can catch me at some really random times.
    Characters: Balrog, Guile, M. Bison, and learning Vega/Cody/Dudley
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  • HizzyHizzy Joined: Posts: 20Registered
    PSN ID: Wink_Sniper
    Location: Cleveland, OH
    Time: 9:30 to midnight
    Characters: Brand new to the game so I'm starting with Ibuki
    Skill Level: Scrub! Looking for friendly matches and will gladly accept any advice ^_^
  • MrPleatherFaceMrPleatherFace Joined: Posts: 10Registered
    PSN : MrPleatherFace
    Location: Southwest FL
    Times: Mostly nights or tuesdays and thursdays
    Main: Ibuki
    Secondary: Rose
  • Christ0pherChrist0pher Huh? What's that? Joined: Posts: 610Registered
    PSN : Strawhat_Luffy66
    Location: So Cal
    Times: between 12p.m. and 7p.m. every day (if i'm home)
    Main: haven't decided yet. mostly pick random...want to main Makoto like I do for 3S
    Secondary: same as above


    Please, anyone feel free to send a friend request to me on the PSN. I'm a serious ( not saying i'm great) player whose always up for some great matches to become better. Just tell me that you're from SRK!

    P.S.S.. How good is the connection between West and East coast?
  • Ripper6Ripper6 Joined: Posts: 155Registered
    PSN: Manwithnoarms
    Location: SoCal
    Times: anytime
    I'm using Adon, Ken, Bison and Dee Jay.
    I don't want to settle for "decent," I want to be good so come in and beat the living shit out of me. I'm also down for STHD, I also love things that are firm, hard, shaft-like objects...message me.
    CvS2: K-Ken/Cammy/Sagat C-Ryu/Ken/Sagat
    STHD: Dictator, Sim, Ken, T. Hawk
    SF4: Dictator, Ryu
    KOFXII: Fatal Fury Team
  • -=KOH=--=KOH=- Lefver Crack Joined: Posts: 1,357Registered
    Anybody can hit me up for SSF4 this week, I play Dudley and Rufus mainly, but I'll be trying more characters.

    My psn is kohryusan
    All the way in the back of the food stamp line.

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  • HZ!HZ! Freddy Kreuger's dayjob Joined: Posts: 189Registered
    on when i can get kids off tv
    mains - dont have any ill be expirementing
    skill level - not that great haha
    Location - BC, Canada
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  • zxsHinozxsHino w/ cheese Joined: Posts: 35Registered
    PSN - lawlcakezxD
    Location - NorCal
    Times - Pretty random..but I play more on late nights.
    Skill level - ..Decent I guess?
    Characters - Guile, Balrog/Boxer, Bison/Dictator. Learning Makoto.
  • Psycho Power JPsycho Power J Vegetarian Nightmare Joined: Posts: 140Registered
    PSN ID: PsychoPowerJ
    Location: SF Bay Area
    Time Available: Random
    Main Characters: Zangief, Balrog (Boxer), and learning Ibuki.
    Beloved by Japanese schoolgirls.
  • ChuFyeChuFye Zee Shampionnn!!! Joined: Posts: 46Registered
    Location : Caribbean
    Characters : Hakan, Guy, Sagat, Gouken

    Can someone please beat me already. Its getting boring winning all the time.
    Gamertag : CHU FYE FUR
  • Halcyone3Halcyone3 Joined: Posts: 9Registered
    PSN: Halcione3
    location: Florida
    characters: juri, cammy, ibuki

    a bit scrubby, so take it easy on me >_>
  • Shadow5587Shadow5587 MagCheato Joined: Posts: 73Registered
    PSN ID: shadow5587
    Location: Queens, NY
    Time Available: 6-10 PM usually
    Main Character: Balrog
    MvC3: Mag/Sent/Storm
    SSF4: Rog
  • electstarelectstar Joined: Posts: 10Registered
    PSN : Electstar
    Location : Montreal, Canada
    Characters : Ryu, Juri, Cody,
  • ShigegakiShigegaki じゅりさんが Joined: Posts: 147Registered
    PSN ID: Shigegaki
    Location: San Diego, Ca
    Time Available: Afternoons & Evenings till 2am PST
    Main Characters: Juri
    SSFIV: Rose/Juri for Funzees.
    SSFIVAE: Yun/Rose ( if console release every happens )
  • Gouki7Gouki7 Join Date: Apr 2003 Joined: Posts: 421Registered
    PSN ID: kiknchikn7
    Location: Orlando, FL
    Time Available: Whenever i'm on
    Main Characters: Bison, Rufus, Dudley, Balrog, Deejay
    Jumping is useless.
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