Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Match Making Thread



  • NecrotrophicNecrotrophic キコケン Joined: Posts: 1,328Registered
    XBL: Necrotrophic
    Location: Northeast PA
    Time: random times,
    Characters: Chun Li (15k bp for whatever thats worth) and Akuma (6kish)
    Mic: no

    trying to level up my akuma, so hmu
    Xbox live, GFWL and GGPO:Necrotrophic
    Akuma(SF4), Chun Li(SF4,ST,3s), Ryu(SF4,ST,3S), Yang (3S, SF4), Cammy (SF4)
  • Lionheart KaiLionheart Kai Mash Hard Play Hard Joined: Posts: 83Registered
    GT: ROSE Contra Z
    Loc: New York
    Time: Usually on everyday around 12pm
    Characters: Rose / Wanna pick up Bison as a secdonary
    Mic: Yes

    Looking forward to improving with my Rose. Need to learn my matchups more too.
    Also, wanna pick up on Bison as I mentioned before
    SSF4AE2012: Rose / Makoto
    SFxT: Lars / Christie
    GT: ROSE Contra Z
    Feel free to add me and get some matches in. Always open to getting better
  • TheBananaOfDoomTheBananaOfDoom Joined: Posts: 4Registered
    Characters: Be prepared for anybody
    Time: Just PM me, we'll figure it out

    ^This is a friends account, and I float over different gamertags so i'll just go by my tournament name, Michael. I'd like to think i'm above, above average.
  • TheBananaOfDoomTheBananaOfDoom Joined: Posts: 4Registered
    Looking for some good players preferably over 4000 pp. I was good once, and currently the number 11 sakura in the U.S.

    XBL: SurgeSFIV
    Location: Texas
    Time: Between 7pm and 2 am
    Characters: Sakura
    Mic: No

    Oh how beautiful. I'm a sakura as well. I'll add you (SSJ7JohnWayne). Friends account.
  • FrostyRostyFrostyRosty Joined: Posts: 2Registered
    XBL: anotherCLICHE
    Location: Los Angeles
    Time: Weekdays after 8pm, most weekends randoms times.
    Characters: Ken
    Mic: When I find it

    Newish player trying to teach myself in online ranked matches and mostly just getting bodied all day. Looking for some solid endless lobbies with other people still learning or vets looking to take a crappy Ken player under their wing. A sensei would be nice : /

    Just send me a message on XBL if you want to play!
  • SGT_slap_a_hoeSGT_slap_a_hoe Joined: Posts: 270Registered
    XBL: SGT slap a h03e
    Location: West Coast Cali
    Time: almost everyday from about 4pm on
    Characters: Ibuki, Yun, Ken, dee jay, Adon, Gouken, Guile, Akuma
    Mic: Yes


    I just got a HD PVR and I made a youtube channel for all SF players so im looking for some people who play regularly. Ill record our matches and put them up on the channel let me know guys thanks.
  • ZewpsyZewpsy Joined: Posts: 1Registered
    XBL: Nova Zewpsy
    Location: Leicester (UK)
    Time: Weekdays at 6pm, weekends vary.
    Characters: Ibuki main, average with others.
    Mic: Yes
  • alfFENIXalfFENIX Joined: Posts: 3Registered
    XBL: alfFENIX
    Location: Florida
    Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays are my busy days but can squeeze in some game time. Saturdays I will be on later in the night around 10pm EST
    Characters: Guy (C) Gouken (D+) Ibuki (D+) also pretty average with any of the Shoto characters.
    Mic: Yes

    I'm looking for someone to take me under their wing and help me improve my game; wouldn't mind anyone who's around my skill level and want to improve together.

    Also, if you're just looking for a guy to have some fun matches with then don't be afraid to drop an invite my way :3
  • RandomDRRandomDR FADC baby, FADC. Joined: Posts: 5Registered
    XBL: RandomDR
    Location: Finland
    Time: Random times.
    Characters: Juri (B), Hakan(C), Makoto(D+), Ken(C)
    Mic: Ye.

    PP: Around 1000

    Would love some people Of my skill, even thought it doesnt really matter that much :) Just Inv me ok ^^
    Wanna play some games online? Just hit me up on XBOX-Live and I'll play! Gamertag: RandomDR
    Chars i play: SSF4AE: Juri, Makoto, Hakan, Gouken. SF3: Urien. BB: Tsubaki, Iron Tager. SC5: Cervantes, Natsu. SFxT: Ken, Hugo, Juri, Ogre.
  • Bob199Bob199 Joined: Posts: 51Registered
    XBL: B0b199
    Location: Taiwan (playing on Japanese server)
    Time: 10pm EST or later usually
    Characters: Adon/Juri/Akuma/
    Mic: Nej
    PP: flucuates between 1500-2500

    Looking for better players to spar with before a couple tourneys in the next few months.
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