Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition GOOD Games



  • Lord HDLLord HDL Hi Joined: Posts: 174Registered
    ggs to JaRaWs, MF KRINK, and anyone else I might have played. Tight matches.
  • BobbyPBobbyP Joined: Posts: 2Registered
    good pair of games to silverfox 925. (965?)
  • KiDIKoRuSKiDIKoRuS Rognation till I die. Joined: Posts: 301Registered
    Looking to battle with anyone from the west (maybe east if theres not much lag) to get better. After NCR i got that motivation to get better, need those ssf4 crack sessions.
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  • ZarukaZaruka the Fool Joined: Posts: 847Registered
    good games to anyone i fought last night and this morning on rank. taking a break from cody since i hit a wall with him. so it back to the old man gen, i need to get his links down again. oh i need to get on peaceful jay stream or maybe join my buddy random lobbys since he fights really good players. rank okay for somethings but i think i need to go find out good people with said character.
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  • Ash2k4Ash2k4 For Justice !!!!!!!!!!! Joined: Posts: 1,056Registered
    GGs to the people last night on srklive :D and Peacefuljays as well !!!!!!!!!!!
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  • CozbyCozby 4ocious Joined: Posts: 189Registered
    just wanted to say good games to anyone i possibly played on here. I dont think i've ever posted anything here ever.

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  • OMNEOMNE The Negrologist Joined: Posts: 1,348Registered
    Good games to the folks i played recently
    This shit isnt even a battle anymore.... you dont even have a army...... Its sad you trying to get shine by half assing tactics real people showed you...
  • GuardcrushGuardcrush Joined: Posts: 166Registered
    GG to Farram even though you quit like a bitch at the last possible second. This guy has over 7k pp and can't play for shit.
  • citiofbrasscitiofbrass FKA koolaidsmile Joined: Posts: 1,117Registered
    i have not posted ggs here since cvs2 but today was well worth it.

    ggs to:

    guyofkillera, ca teqnique, g3rm4n luger, and simplyph33r. that was the best endless battle ive ever been in.

    perfects all over the place damn.
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  • FEI LEEFEI LEE Joined: Posts: 160Registered
    GGs to billjmninja (your ryu will soon be as scary as in sf hdr), supersquaddy and bruthal (both with crazy Cammy), garagesday (hard to get close Dhalsim), asksocobox (punchy Boxer), all my other xbox friends and the opponents I vs recently such as redoutch and vivio94
    I taunt AI and I like that haha
  • eltwopeeeltwopee Learn 2 Play Joined: Posts: 1,604Registered
    anyone play me? GGs everyone. My guile is ASS i know. Posting vids soon

  • FEI LEEFEI LEE Joined: Posts: 160Registered
    GGs to my friends norieaga, adone style, krystom pl and 2 french top playas I vs today : violent ruskof and jagolewahar (best Zangief and Guile I ve met so far)
    I taunt AI and I like that haha
  • NewMoneyNewMoney Joined: Posts: 261Registered
    GG's to anyone I've played on ranked match! Trying to level up my Boxer.
  • Weaponer7Weaponer7 SF3 noob Joined: Posts: 31Registered
    i ran into aquasilk in ranked. we had an awesome zangief mirror match. gg as.
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  • RagingStormXRagingStormX Needs more Crisco. Joined: Posts: 3,192Registered
    GGs to everyone I played lately. My Hakan gets better and better :D Although Hakan still sucks lol.

    Bads games to all the SRK peeps who boot me after losing. Not all of us have SRK at the end of our gamertag. Oh and don't make excuses either :arazz:
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  • DyphenhydramineDyphenhydramine Joined: Posts: 12
    haha every time i play a really good game on sf4 i get really excited and slip my righthand down my pants and start jacking off all over my sf4 stick and shit and rub it into the buttons with my left hand :P
  • AquasilkAquasilk Joined: Posts: 142Registered
    i ran into aquasilk in ranked. we had an awesome zangief mirror match. gg as.

    gg bud ^
  • CrazykatCrazykat Ooopsie!!! Joined: Posts: 243Registered
    ggs to RageQuitMoar, and yay for extreme drunk SF playin!
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  • invertebreainvertebrea hiooooohhhh!!!! Joined: Posts: 36Registered
    Good games to anybody I've played with online so far.
  • 8minsfromsol8minsfromsol Joined: Posts: 6Registered
    gg to the players @g4g. They slappy my shit up but informative and entertaining.
  • XxZenesterXxXxZenesterXx Balrog+Dudley= GG Joined: Posts: 4Registered
    GG's to everyone i played on endless haha
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  • prezprez Power made Flesh Joined: Posts: 186Registered
    GGs to all
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  • Mr_DobalinaMr_Dobalina Joined: Posts: 35Registered
    GGs to anyone I've bumped into in ranked, I've been learning with Cody over the past few weeks. If you ran into a Juri under my account it was a friend of mine playing, I'm nowhere near as good as him yet.
  • RomfiniteRomfinite in the dark Joined: Posts: 1,189Registered
    ggs to chopsuie I love how we played each other 5 times, straight in ranked lol
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  • J.DJ.D Keepin' it stylish! Joined: Posts: 3,447Registered
    GGs to everyone who plays in the morning like me
    I don't know if anyone I've played is here on SRK or not
    its my first time posting here
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  • SF-Zero2SF-Zero2 Pronounced AlphaZero Joined: Posts: 1,373Registered
    GGs to XxSoloX or something like that. Impressive Viper. Most Impressive!
  • VildiilVildiil Curious Joined: Posts: 195Registered
    GG's to anyone I may have come across recently. Took a extended break from SF, just got back into it and learning Rose.
  • tempesttempest walking death Joined: Posts: 298Registered
    GG's to anyone I may have come across recently. Took a extended break from SF, just got back into it and learning Rose.

    yea gg i fought u last week i was the rog ..gg to anybody i faced.
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  • BlackJokerBlackJoker Joined: Posts: 2Registered
    GGs to everyone i faced this month and im new here on shoryuken if wanna fight me add me as a friend
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  • DanderDander wat Joined: Posts: 5,419Registered
    Good Games to Banana Ken PR for scraping the shit out of me and making me realize that at least the tops know how to use their brain while playing.
    good luck
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